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User Info: rklemic

5 months ago#1
Wow. Just recently got access to the Annex and also have taken down my first god getting my first Daeva. It seems like the Annex is quite annoying in a couple spots. I have been bouncing my head off that boss on the first floor. It gets frustrating when it keeps on starting off with that Dark Blast every 2-3 times I go in wiping out my prep. I've gotten past him once and then went and wiped the floor with the bosses on every other floor, having to take a few tries at the floor 4 trio. The Mandra prince and Princess fight was pretty underwhelming actually. Was I really lucky to get both crowns on the first fight?

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

5 months ago#2
The crowns drop at a pretty high frequency. It will take a number to runs to get all the various enemies unique equips. Not to mention turning a bunch into food. The Mandra Clover is the most potent healing in the game. Effectively full HP/MP/Status/Ailement clear on the whole party. You can randomly get them in the tower from Present for Me popping off. If it's the only free slot you have, IE 50 slots but you have less than 9 Clovers, you'll get clovers.

For the SUPER big tip, save on the 4th Floor and reload if you don't get Magical Skill Garnish in the Treasure Chest after the fight. You would have to fight the battle over, but better to do that than the whole tower. Kinda annoying they didn't make it 100% chance of respawning. If you don't have any plans for MSG, I always suggest a crowned Etoille myself.
A single cash tea box is worth more to Tesshu than the several guards he left bleeding out in front of the castle gate. ~WeirdFetishes
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