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User Info: rklemic

8 months ago#1
Well, I stalled on this back in 2015 in mid chapter 7 and decided to start fresh a couple weeks ago playing off and on. I'm now in chapter 10 floor 3 with this party. Monica 50 (just respecced to TH from Sniper), Grishna 50 (just respecced to Valkyrie from Dark Lord), 50 LIzetteria on a Papillon with a recent respec to focus her skills to the base 3 dolls + rose queen (debating on changing her to a Joker maybe), 44 Ist on Diva, 43 Eltrica on Bishop. Right now I'm debating on whether I want to toss Monica back to Sniper and do a quick powerlevel on Ist to get her to the 50 respec and put her to Etoile and Get Souffle up to 50 (currently 38) and do a clean respec back to TH through Assassin. Any opinions on this or should I just try to push on with the party I have right now. The other thought I have is maybe to powerlevel my Alisia who is also sitting on Valk right now up to about 44 or so and bring her along in place of El after doing a respec on Grishna back to DL.

User Info: DoopDoop

8 months ago#2
You don't particularly need a valkyrie yet if you don't want one, dark lord is fine. Snipers are also still good at that point, they only start suffering at the higher end when piercing resist is common and they have little to counter it plus they use slower weapons. Treasure hunters also work, especially with a dark lord with dark aura to add debuff for pursuit stab if you're using that.

For pap, I never liked doll tree, I preferred trickster for better melee stats and some survival abilities. Berserk is optional as the therian seal covers your problems there and is better. Joker shines later but can also work there if you want it to. Be sure to use 1h and a shield if you're using the big damage ability, you'll get more damage from it.

Diva/etoile is kinda whatever, Etoile is better later on in my opinion due to how debuffs have a bigger impact on monsters versus buffs on your characters but the last time I played I used a diva to level cap and I did fine.

Bishop is also fine, compliments melee damage well and circle nurse is great. Kinda loses some luster later when the circle heal cap comes in but it can still contribute alright. Consider a witch in that place if you want to keep using a treasure hunter because a TH can heal just fine and where you're at is pretty much the heyday for big witch damage.

User Info: rklemic

8 months ago#3
well, I powered Lizetteria, Monica and Souffle up to 50 so I could do respecs and set up Lize as a Joker and Monica as a sniper with Stardust Arrow maxed out which ended up being the main mvp of the 2 final boss fights and then Souffle as my healer during the last half of the dungeon with Grishna as the Valk and Ist in Diva (has since respecced to Etoille for post game). Now I'm stumbling my way through the first floor of the ice realm.

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

7 months ago#4
If I had one random piece of advice at this point and you don't mind doing so, now is the perfect time for a very specific award if you want to get them.

43. Skill Master ~ Learned all skills.

~~~ Best to do when you have 16 girls at at least level 50. You must simultaneously have one skill point allocated to all skills across the different classes. For example Joker can take Axe Mastery so a Fighter class doesn't. With everyone at level 50 you can easily level reset to undo the changes ~~~
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