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User Info: jjhanzely

1 month ago#1
Here are the conditions in the posted Guide:

Sub-Event 114: Ailments! Oh No!

Character(s): Alisia + Melvy + Lilian

- All 3 characters must be at least Level 10.
- You must not have any status recovery items in your bag.
- Have Alisia afflicted with a status effect and recover on her own.
- Walk 25 tiles afterwards. Alisia's HP must be below around 80%.

I've done all these requirements....and the damn sub-event won't activate. Alisia has self-recovered multiple ailments both in battle and out........no event. Her HP was as low as 33% (maybe lowe)...no event.

What the hell am I missing here? I have to say, sub-events with this many precise requirements can burn in hell.......in other words, they suck........

User Info: jjhanzely

1 month ago#2
....oh, and the ones that require "Low-Motivation".....suck even more. WAY to hard to get "Low Motivation" versus "High Motivation."

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

1 month ago#3
Try removing all items in your bag jjst in case. If you need status ailments, that Marsala Onsen corridor is the best bet. I think it has every or nearly every status ailment available as a trap. But beware that it is considered a special place, so sub events won't occur there. Once you exit the north or south side, they should be able to trigger.

The other big hiccup you might have is that sub events cannot occur too frequently. You must have something like 80-125 steps between them to occur. You can circumvent this slightly by leaving a dungeon.

Best of luck and the advice may help with future subevents too.
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