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User Info: SchwarzerFrost

1 year ago#1
Can someone confirm that I can get Dark Helmet from Dark Dragon?
I killed it over 40 times even sometimes with Magical Treasure skill, but I can't get them?!

And does someone know where I can get this Armor? "Asilat Guard"

And where Hagoromo?

Acc Maid of heart?

I checked the Bestiary Guide but could not locate the drop.

User Info: mongopikis

1 year ago#2
Asilat Guard - Rank 20 Request Reward

Hagoromo - Bogomil Tower 30th Floor treasure chest, reward for killing Satanael

Heart of Maid - Gear Castle 5th Floor treasure chest, Reward for beating Maid Sensei in Gear Castle.

I can confirm the latter two as being correct, since I always find it hilarious how hard Mistress gear is to get.

Can't help you on Dark Helmet. I don't think the wiki would be wrong about it though.

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

1 year ago#3
I can confirm all four as well. The names are Dark Helmet, Asherah Guard, Kaguya's Robe and Maid of Heart. Asherah Guard can be traded for a Four Leaf Mandra. You can get them from Materializing a Mandra Princess or randomly when walking around Bogomil Another Tower. They are REALLY, REALLY GOOD. 2,000 HP and MP, cure all stats downs and status effects.

If you are trying to get all Uniques you can, you are likely missing the Kirisutemaru. You can only buy it past the 4 locked doors in Eternal Hell. Would not have known about it without the JP wiki.

Anything that you have to trade for in a Quest or use in a Sub Event besides the Freya can be gotten multiple times. Freya transforms into Vanadis which is just the stronger version.

The only unique you can get two and only two of is the Gas Mask. All other uniques are either one and only one or unlimited otherwise. Thus, outside of the Gas Mask, having one of every unique is fine. Though stuff like Slaughtering Daeva you'll want multiple copies of.

By the way, did you pick up the DLC pack of 20 extra characters?
A single cash tea box is worth more to Tesshu than the several guards he left bleeding out in front of the castle gate. ~WeirdFetishes

User Info: SchwarzerFrost

1 year ago#4
Ok, thanks for the info.

Final_Cataclsym posted...
By the way, did you pick up the DLC pack of 20 extra characters?

No I haven't. But I read you get Double XP with it, so it would have been useful while playing :D
Maybe I get it in the future. But I kinda wanna play 2-2 too, even if I can't read anything.
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