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User Info: SchwarzerFrost

1 year ago#1
What things should I get? I already got the Fortune Sword on Floor 6. Are there other good drops? I read in another thread later I can buy a sword for 20000-30000 thats stronger than Fortune Sword.

User Info: DoopDoop

1 year ago#2
That sword is the Filsword, and it appears in the bogomil annex which isn't until the 26th or so floor.

Honestly I wouldn't bother going out of your way to farm anything in bogomil outside of the fortune sword. There's quite a bit of tower to climb and barring some incredibly bad luck you'll get a few of the rare items. The few that matter that come to mind are Vajra if you have a mace user for some reason (which you'll probably have a lot of those drop since the monster it drops from makes for a good sealbook if you want to sneak off and kill angra mainyu early since it has sleep immunity) and the last angel type monster which drops a helmet for valkyries that blocks piercing attacks that comes in handy in a few fights. Most of the really nice monster drops come from gods, it's not TERRIBLE by any means but outside of weapons and a few exceptions being able to customize and fine tune gear with enchanting trumps what most rare loot offers. Having 5 speed ups and resists is going to be far more useful.
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