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User Info: elfolampo

1 month ago#61
Finally beat Maid-sensei by getting Ma-ryan to 99 and giving her decent equipment so she got more turns and survived better, but mostly by spamming silver keys for clones. Burned through 2 stacks of them but unsurprisingly, negating 1200 damage to my whole frontline and a lot of dispels did wonders to my survivability and ability to substain damage, and I won with just 2 deaths despite satellites and Limiter Removers. She even graciously dropped the Megiddo Tome. Now I just have to reassign equipment and think about using the Maid of Hearts (which might actually be decent on a Mistress? I'm not sure actually, the full restores seem to be wasted on maids, as is the attack boost, but I do have Malicious Divinity, and Ma-ryan could abuse the extra turns to whip enemies), and the armor, which might actually make me switch Mio to Joker with Slaughtering Daeva to abuse the additional defense while keeping Lilian as Papillon with Hyakka. Kinda want to decide on a class for Lilian to get her sub-events, but if I went with SS, I'd have to raise/crown another Spieler first.

Though, I might also make time to play some other games now, I only have the Four Kings left to beat, and then I'll go sub-event hunting.
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