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  3. Does the Steam PC version of this work on Windows 10 now?

User Info: tacomoney

8 months ago#1
(PC board is dead so asking here)

This game has been on my radar for a bit, but the only system i own to play it on in English is the PC.

But some of the top reviews say a update made it break on Windows 10 and I was curious if it had been fixed yet?

Its on sale now ,so if its stable now i'm tempted to get it.

Thanks for any feedback in advance.
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User Info: Drake_God

8 months ago#2
Don't know about the win version, sorry.

Did a quick check on Steam though. There's a post in the community board that gives a workaround patch (3rd party patch. use at own risk)
I also see some posts about update 1903 fixing it (1803 broke it).
The official update log on Steam says this:
The following issue was fixed in this release.
Bug where the application stops when the movie is playing on Windows 10 version1809
We apologize to everyone for this inconvenience.
Thank you for your patience, and continued support for FF Type-0 HD.
But the exact same message with a different version number comes right before that. This was on 28 November 2018.
The thread that mentioned 1903 fixing it, mentioned on 15 Nove 2019 that there's a 1909 patch. So the published hasn't been keeping the update logs up to date.

So I can't say for sure if it's fixed. I'm not familiar with Steam's returns policy, but if you are familiar with it, it may be worth trying it out and returning it if it breaks?

User Info: vbty3

8 months ago#3
I bought it last year and it runs fine on my Windows 10 PC
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User Info: Iammethe24

6 months ago#4
Yes, it now works.
I have confirmed that cutscenes work flawlessly. Be careful not to hit X on the keyboard, though since it will skip the cutscene without a warning. Pause cutscenes using Shift instead.
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  3. Does the Steam PC version of this work on Windows 10 now?
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