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User Info: IkariJunGFF

1 year ago#1
I REALLY recommend reading the novel (which is the story about the last cycle right before the game), which has been well translated/summarized in this topic:


At first, I hated Machina too, but after reading the novel, it completely changed my mind about him. I think the developers really should have included it in-game, instead of a separate novel, which unfortunately gives people the wrong idea about Machina.

There's a lot of chapters to read, but it's really worth reading it if you liked FF Type-0's story.

If it's too long for you, at least try to read my own summary here, or else you'll never know the truth about Machina (I'll try to be quick):

In the last cycle that takes place right before the game, Machina was actually kind and protective of Class Zero, making them more humans by teaching them how to be more compassionate and other human emotions, which resulted in Class Zero becoming weaker, and this is why Arecia hated Machina, because her plan of finding and opening Etro's gate would end up in failure with Machina making Class Zero become more human / weaker, and indeed, during the final battle against the Judge Cid, Class Zero weren't strong enough and died, with only Machina surviving in this cycle.

Machina hated himself for not being able to save Class Zero and then, Arecia restarted the cycle once again (the one where the actual game would take place), but this time, she intentionally made Rem weak with the incurable disease, so that Machina would be more protective of her instead of Class Zero, and thus, making them stronger, without the influence of human emotions, and also making Machina hate Class Zero during the game (Izana's death was his excuse to begin hating Class Zero, when originally, in the previous cycle, he never thought Class Zero was responsible for his brother's death).

That's it, and also, IMO it makes the ending even more sad, because when Machina and Rem returns from the crystal stasis and meets Class Zero all dead, Arecia had already departed from Orience and so, without her influence, Machina is back to his original self (the one before the game, when he was more kind and friendly towards Class Zero) with all the memories back too, which is why he cries and apologizes for not being able to save them once again. It makes more sense why Machina was regretful and apologized to Class Zero in the ending.

BTW, the novel was released in two volumes, called "Final Fantasy Type-0: Change the World -The Answer-" and "Final Fantasy Type-0: Change the World -The Penultimate Truth-", both summarized in that same topic linked above.

User Info: Depressionism

1 year ago#2
Wait, cycles? What?

So is Arecia a villain?
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User Info: IkariJunGFF

1 year ago#3
Remember when they say the spiral has gone for about six hundred million times?

Looking up the wikia, when we play the game, it was already on its 600,104,971 cycle, so the novel is about the cycle number 600,104,970, right before the one that takes place in the game.

Arecia had the same goal as Gala (that dark knight, Rursan Judge) of finding a way to open Etro's gate, the only difference being the method used by them; while Gala tried to do it by sacrificing the whole people of Orience, Arecia tried to raise Agito, souls that would be powerful enough to achieve the objective.

Besides, she's also the one responsible for creating the crystals in Orience, resulting in all those endless wars between the nations.

User Info: MarquessLaus

1 year ago#4
One cycle in over half a billion no way indicates what Machina's "original self" is like. We can only judge them on their actions in each cycle individually.
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User Info: IkariJunGFF

1 year ago#6
Yep, that's definitely correct, he may have had different personalities during the older cycles, so it's impossible to say what his original / usual personality would be, and actually, this isn't what I'm trying to say (about what would be his true self).

But we can certainly say how Machina was specifically in the previous cycle, and how it affected Arecia's decisions in the next cycle (making Rem weaker) to avoid Machina's interference on Class Zero, as detailed in the official novel.
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