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User Info: Tkmajing

1 year ago#11
Might be my favorite FF game of all time. Just bought a collector's edition as well.(already owned limited editions).

User Info: GRyda

1 year ago#12
This game is amazing. A true underrated classic. One of my favorite Final Fantasy games and I’ve played through and enjoyed almost all of them (haven’t played through II, III, XI and XIV). The only Final Fantasy game that I actually despised was FF XIII and even then, there were things I enjoyed about it (mostly its ost and the sequels). I wish Type 0 got a true remake or a sequel some day.

User Info: Paulc94

11 months ago#13
This has to be my favorite FF its only dethroned X and 15 for me

User Info: Laj_1

11 months ago#14
This game's skeleton is f***ing phenomenal, unfortunately it was held back by lack of funding and technology and writing.

Ok it makes it sound bad when i put it like that but i truly believe it had the best potential of any FF games by a long shot.
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