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User Info: madmatt

5 months ago#1
Good ost, good combat, awesome set pieces.

The varja was definently inspired by the ff7 guardian scorpion boss.

Only on ch 5, but kicking myself for taking this long to play it.

Story is interesting enough to keep going but the main cast suffers from the too much all at once effect
There are no decisions that come regret free...

User Info: qmishery

3 months ago#2
yeah, one of my fav FF games

i also love coming back to training arena to test out new skills/moves

User Info: CrayonBoy

3 months ago#3
am still playing this on the Vita, with save file from the original Japanese version for the PSP :-) Def one of my fav FF games and probably the hardest.This is my third playthrough but still not able to tackle the Agito Tower ... levelling up is a real b*tch ... and for some reason I have never learnt how to do magic cancel with Rem lol ... all missions unlocked so have just been doing those ...
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User Info: MechaFlo

2 months ago#4
I love it a lot. My only real complaints are:

A. Cinque's VA.
B. The final chapter. I would have preferred that it stayed a 'relatively' grounded fantasy war story and not gone into full on supernatural apocalypse mode for the last chapter and only the last chapter. Thankfully, the actual ending AFTER the last chapter I adore.

User Info: Breastmilkn_Dip

1 month ago#5
This game is badass

Was with you up until the "ass" part.

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User Info: madmatt

1 month ago#6
Breastmilkn_Dip posted...
This game is badass

Was with you up until the "ass" part.

It is what it is man. The game has issues but it's got alot of nostalgia going for it
There are no decisions that come regret free...
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