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User Info: leon1588

7 months ago#1
Im trying to make a list for equipment through PQs. Im also trying to figure out which ones have what pieces as well. F.E. Upper/Lower/Hands/Feet
This way I can keep up with what i actually have without doing them over and over. I know I'll have to keep grinding but i only want to do that til i get the outfits.
Im currently farming PQ1
On Chi Chi's I have

For Piccolos I have

This is what im needing help with
Do they only have 3 or have all 4 pieces.
Ive looked at guides but there isnt a detailed for each part though.
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User Info: Onion_Duck

5 months ago#2
This guide is incredibly helpful in that regard: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=403805311

That particular Piccolo's outfit has no gloves so you're good there. Chi-Chi's has all 4 pieces.
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User Info: Hiccup0416

1 week ago#3
Can u help me with the trophy "rival to me dreams"
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  3. Hey needing some help
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