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So now that you have an idea of which abilities you may want, you are probably starting to decide on which clothing pieces you will want to wear. That being said, for main abilities you will definitely want to try and have as many of the exclusives as possible. However, some of the sub abilities are so useful that they can be more worthwhile to use than a unique ability. For instance, all of the hat exclusive abilities are situational and do not always come into play during a match. When they do, they are awesome, but you might want to go a different route and use something that will always be giving you a boost, such as Ink Saver (Main) or Special Charge Up. So, how do you decide which clothing you want to wear? This is where brands come into play. Depending on which clothing brand you are wearing, the chances of obtaining a specific sub ability are increased substantially. Here is how it works:

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The brands affect the chances of getting certain secondary abilities when you level your gear up. Most brand have one common ability (which is an ability that is five times more likely to appear), and an uncommon ability (which is an ability that has only half the chance to appear).

Amiibo, Cuttlegear, and KOG brands don't affect secondary abilities in any way.

Firefin - 5x chance for Ink Saver (Sub), 1/2 chance for Ink Recovery Sub
Forge - 5x chance for Special Duration Up, 1/2 chance for Ink Saver (Sub)
Inkline - 5x Defense Up, 1/2 Damage Up
Krak-On - 5x Swim Speed Up, 1/2 Defense Up
Rockenberg - 5x Run Speed Up, 1/2 Swim Speed Up
Skalop - 5x Quick Respawn, 1/2 Special Saver
Splash Mob - 5x Ink Saver (Main), 1/2 Run Speed Up
Squidforce - 5x Damage Up, 1/2 Ink Saver Main
Takoroka - 5x Special Charge Up, 1/2 Special Duration Up
Tentatek - 5x Ink Recovery Up, 1/2 Quick Super Jump
Zekko - 5x Special Saver, 1/2 Special Charge Up
Zink - 5x Quick Super Jump, 1/2 Quick Respawn

All info from the strategy guide.

So from this list, you can tell which clothing brands you will want to be choosing to make your ability rerolls go a lot smoother. Technically, it is still possible to roll a piece of clothing from Inkline and get 3 copies of Ink Saver (Main) as your sub abilities, but the odds of this happening are extremely slim, and it will cost you a lot of money to do this, seeing as how expensive it costs to buy super sea snails from Spyke.

Finally, you need to know about the effectiveness of these skills. An ability that is in the main slot of your clothing will have a stronger effect than if it were in the sub slot. The ratio is 1:3, where it takes 3 of the same ability in a sub slot to have the same effectiveness as an ability in the main slot. In other words, having a piece of clothing with Special Charge Up in the main slot will give you the same boost as having a piece of clothing with 3 copies of Special Charge Up in its sub slots. Keep in mind though, that abilities come with diminishing returns if you stack them. If you had a piece of clothing with Special Charge Up, and that clothing had 3 copies of Special Charge Up in its sub slots, the effectiveness you get from the sub slots is reduced greatly. Therefore, it is more worthwhile to only have 1 copy of an ability in your main slot, or 3 copies of an ability in your sub slots, and do not go above that. The versatility and overall effectiveness you would get out of mix and matching will end up being superior to stacking abilities in the long run.