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User Info: MrSnuffy

10 months ago#1
I have found getting information on GTA 5 is very difficult. Either not enough information is given or I have seen responses like this character.
https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/634490-grand-theft-auto-v/68657988 He had the time to slam the poster but not the time to answer the question. It was never answered. I hope this is not the sampling of the community here. So, let me ask the question for PC users. How do you dock a stolen boat where it is saved, especially more than one. It says press E to select your boat, but it never shows the boats I docked there.
So, again, how do you dock the boats where it will accept it to be saved, especially for 2 or more boats. This should not need to be said, but as stated, there all stolen.
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