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  3. Is it wrong that I feel bad for killing... [spoilers]

User Info: Insomnia

2 years ago#1
Trevor? I mean, he was a jerk and all, but still...

User Info: docmarth

2 years ago#2
I haven't played through more than 1-2 hours of GTA:V's single player campaign, but this topic has been open for over 1 week.

idk about the guilt you feel for said playthrough, but you do know you can play gta more than once, right?

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User Info: Insomnia

2 years ago#3
Of course. I wanted to try all the endings.

User Info: frankspank

1 year ago#4
Trevor is the only decent one out of the 3.

User Info: Insomnia

1 year ago#5
I wouldn't call him decent, but he's the one who is most true to himself.


1 year ago#6
You shouldn't play video games if you feel guilty that you think you're killing people.

User Info: colddeck64

1 year ago#7
Trevor is the best character in any GTA game.
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User Info: Dogg420187

11 months ago#8
trevor was awesome, best character in the game!
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  3. Is it wrong that I feel bad for killing... [spoilers]
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