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User Info: benjiross1

5 months ago#1
Only posting here because this board seems active enough. I’m looking for something that plays like LCS or one that’s just the best, but for the Original Xbox. I’m unsure of which game I should buy.

Any suggestions?
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User Info: stapler87

5 months ago#2
Out of 3, Vice City, and San Andreas, SA is my favorite. That said, I really enjoyed all of them.
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User Info: ziadon

5 months ago#3
For the style, music and setting deffo vice city but for shear size and things to do GTA SA. But then again GTA 3 blew me away at the time it came out I played it none stop for 18 months every day.
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User Info: Mikejl87

5 months ago#4
I loved Vice City for the setting and soundtrack but I probably spent more time in SA. SA also had one of my favorite implementations of custom soundtracks til day: it would play commercials in between songs so it felt like an actual radio station.

User Info: Justincblount

3 months ago#5
1 San Andreas
2 VC Stories
3 Vice City
4 GTA3
5 LC Stories

That's how I rank them. I would also consider Saints Row the spiritual successor after San Andreas. Rockstar went the "simulation" route, where SR remembered to keep the fun intact.

User Info: benjiross1

3 months ago#6
My gf got me SA, and I just beat it. Wonderful game! Thank you all for suggesting it!
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User Info: Rodni_Demental

3 months ago#7
^^ Glad to hear you enjoyed SA!

If you particularly liked LCS I believe you might appreciate GTA3 being in a familiar city. To me it is a unique scenario to potentially experience them in this order; the latter serving as a sequel to the former which is curious from a story perspective.
San Andreas can spoil you for features though and that game could last someone a long time. But for me, GTA3 is still a favourite.

On original Xbox, I would suggest the GTA: double pack could be of interest at some point containing the GTA/VC combo. And there is a trilogy pack for convenience I have seen around aswell.
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