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User Info: Davey108

1 year ago#1

I have a young teen begging me for GTA V. I've watched parts on YouTube and I told him no way.

However he says he and his mates just want to play the online together which doesn't include the story / missions.

1)Is the online mode full of inappropriate stuff?

2)Can you see if the story / missions were played?

Any advice would be most appreciated.


User Info: Lahar

1 year ago#2
Please do not be the parent of one of those squeakers in GTAV/Online that make me wonder, "What kind of parent would let their kid play this?"
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Please be Somerset Maugham.
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User Info: skyychild

11 months ago#4
There are some parts of the game that are wildly inappropriate to say the least. If your child is mature enough to handle adult content then I say its ok. I do not have a lot of experience with the online part of the game. I don't like playing with other people.

examples of inappropriate game content:
side mission story about using drugs
the torture scene (even i thought it was a little much) (I'm 38)

User Info: Redmoon383

7 months ago#5
This is old at this point, but online there are:
A strip club.
Prostitutes at night in some neighborhoods.
The usual murdering of civilians and other players, by players
And of course the whole theft part of GTA.

Also if your kid has a high pitched voice, just know that no one will respect him at all on first encounter because kids are looked down upon in Rated M games (for both good and bad)

Also the game is not sold in online or singleplayer, so if he's ever unsupervised, he'll very likely play the singleplayer when you're not around. So have fun when Trevor tortures a man who speaks little English to get information out of him. Breaking teeth, hooking the car battery up to his nipples, and so on.
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User Info: bigwiggs3214

7 months ago#6
This game is full of real life stuff. Some of it is brutal. But if the kids had been raised to know the line between games and real life and not go repeating what they see and hear, then I'd say it's fine for a teen. They're about to discover it all anyways.
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5 months ago#7
Rated M for mature. You should know better then ask.

User Info: peaxhe

4 months ago#8
i’ve been playing this game since it came out when i was about 11, so have many of my friends. as long as he knows what’s real and what’s fake i don’t see any problem with letting your teen play it.
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