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zebatov 2 months ago#1
Any fix for the Seabreeze floating away from me when I get out of it into water for two seconds? It almost intentionally floats away as fast as it can.
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Andrew Shinn 2 months ago#2
try parking it near the waters edge maybe
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Sheesh 2 months ago#3
Seabreeze is one of the best planes in the game.

Try tailing a jet sometime. They hate it. If the Seabreeze had explosive cannons or homing missiles, it would be a beast.
Skeletal_King 1 month ago#4
Nope. That basically affects any land-based vehicle that can land on water. Happens to the Sea Sparrow and APC as well.
zebatov 1 month ago#5
That’s terrible. It’s actually ran me over a few times.
If the truth is bothersome, then change what's true.
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