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User Info: LordRattergun

3 years ago#1
Does it particularly matter?
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User Info: Minesweeper_

3 years ago#2
I would say the best locations are the ones furthest north.

Most of the time when you're selling from the night club, the game sends you far north into Blaine County, even as far as Paleto Bay. Having your club on the north side of the city saves on driving time.

But I'd say location doesn't matter as much compared to other businesses, since you'll always have one delivery vehicle and most sales are quick.

User Info: Suspiria

3 years ago#3
Depends on where the nightclub is going to be in relation to your other businesses and properties.

Nightclub location doesn't matter quite as much as stuff like Facility or Bunker location, but it helps to have one close to your CEO office and/or biker clubhouse, an apartment, etc.

And as stated, most (not all but most) sales jobs are going take up north of the map. Sometimes you'll get one that takes you around the city, but those aren't as common in my experience.

It also depends on the outside area around the nightclub. Some nightclub locations like the Del Perro one (which I bought first and then traded in later) have tight alley ways around back for where you'll be transporting Business Battle Goods or taking your Terrorbyte or Nightclub Goods delivery vehicle out of. Depending on your nightclub location, your delivery vehicle or personal vehicle may spawn in an annoying location. Some also don't have areas nearby that are as chopper landing friendly. Which can be annoying if you're someone who uses the CEO Buzzard a lot.

The Downtown Vinewood one (aka the most expensive one) probably has the best parking for vehicles and choppers alike and the garage door is in close proximity to the front entrance.

Personally I went with the West Vinewood Nightclub. IIRC it's the second most expensive one, but the outside area is decent for landing, deliveries, etc. and to me it's the one that looks the most like an actual nightclub on the outside.

You can also skim this video. It goes a bit into detail about the nightclub locations.


In functionality, it doesn't matter in the long run as long as you don't buy the one way down at the docks. But there are some little annoyances some locations have over others when it comes to driving and landing vehicles in and out.

User Info: samsengir

3 years ago#4
Also consider that if you're in a populated lobby some locations are a hive of activity. Del Perro springs to mind.
The cheapest (Elysian Island) and most expensive (West Vinewood) are also usually popular buys too.

Personally I quite like the Strawberry nightclub. Good ingress and egress points with room for aerial access too.
I tried Vespucci for a while but I wasn’t keen on the awkward drive to it and the fact that you nearly always had to pass Del Perro unless you wanted a huge detour.
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User Info: Coolhand

3 years ago#5
Del Perro doesn't bother me much because you grab your vehicle in a little parking garage to the south, and it seems like 8 out of 10 times I wind up being directed right onto the freeway anyway. If I have to go north and there's any activity between me and the open road, I just hop on the freeway and flip a u and go through the tunnel.

User Info: Andrew Shinn

Andrew Shinn
2 years ago#6
i always figured it would give you sales related to where your base was - if youre in the north it would make the sales locations in the south, & vice versa
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