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User Info: jedgar33797

5 months ago#31
Malcrasternus posted...
Because a random may have access to an orbital cannon. And everyone knows how to shoot it for free now.

Why risk total loss for a 1% gain in profit.

I had this feeling of dread when I said to myself "at least they didn't add access to the orbital cannon via the Terrorbyte" but you're absolutely right, yet I still find myself doing it for that extra little 50k.
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User Info: Coolhand

5 months ago#32
A crew member is a rival, too.

'Rival' is 'anyone not in your company or biker business.' I've gotten the max bonus with 30 members of my crew in the lobby.

The cannon is of course a whole 'nother ball of wax.
Gameplayingperson 5 months ago#33
Not that rockstar cares, but I do wish they'd implement some sort of vote kick abuse detection.

Could be easily done to a small degree by finding people who often report people as soon as they enter. I know this would just make people form a kick chain and cycle who kicks people, but at least it would make it a few more steps.

True that you can start a VIP job, but you've got to 1) be fast enough when you see you're getting voted out and 2) that only buys you some time

I know rockstar doesn't care enough about balance, since this broken s*** vomits money endlessly up into their butthole, but it's nice to pretend they could still care enough about doing things right.

User Info: MrBeens

5 months ago#34
GSid posted...
I’ve actually seen someone get kicked from their own heist setups. Even got video of it

This has happened to me. I'm the host setting up the hiest, then I'm back out on the map with the 'you were kicked' message. WTF?

User Info: Andrew Shinn

Andrew Shinn
5 months ago#35
i did that a couple days ago, joined a 2 person lobby, the message saying to behave because im being voted to be kicked came up right away, so i started my sell stock mission for 200k+ from my nightclub, i think it was the drive to paleto bay one, did that, made 200k, got kicked a few min later
still made an easy 200k so i was happy
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