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  3. can't send game invite because it says its disabled.

User Info: RedJacket200

6 years ago#1
It says something about the tutorial needs to be completed by one or more members.

Im rank 106 other person rank 39.

Any way around this?
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User Info: Souldogg

6 years ago#2
I know it says that when your friends are playing on the ps3.
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User Info: RedJacket200

6 years ago#3
We are both ps4
PSN: Redjacket200

User Info: CarbideTitan

6 years ago#4
This happens to me sometimes. Have that person quit to gta5 and then invite them. Usually fixed it for me.
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User Info: o0o_Shadow_o0o

6 years ago#5
I noticed that if the person you are inviting doesn't have a V or their online rank displayed next to their name in the friends list then it will say Invite/Join disabled however if either one of those is next to their name then you can Invite/Join with no problems....

User Info: FrozenHELL78

6 years ago#6
After I deleted and started my second character over, I chose to skip the tutorial. I got bored with it because you start with nothing you worked for with your main guy, swapped back to main and was able to invite friends i normally couldnt invite because of the glitch. Some still said disabled but i believe that was because they were either not playing gta currently, or just never had it.

Try either completing or skipping the tutorial on your second character. Seemed to fix it for me.

User Info: The Devourer

The Devourer
6 years ago#7
I have my friends join me from psn when that happens. Like from the party menu.
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User Info: BorkPizza

6 years ago#8
Sometimes the friends list doesnt download right
Thanks to everybody that participated in this thread!
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  3. can't send game invite because it says its disabled.
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