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  3. Favorite Radio Station in ANY GTA

User Info: InsaneGamer137

3 months ago#1
For me it has to be VRock from both Vice City and Vice City Stories along with VCPR from Vice City.
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User Info: bigtiggie23

3 months ago#2
VCPR from Vice City Stories. There are alot of stations with great music, but only VCPR has Moorehead Rides Again and The Time Ranger.
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User Info: rigice

3 months ago#3
VRock from VC and VCS as well as LCHC from IV (Especially with the Lost and Damned DLC), then Gen-X from SA in third
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User Info: SBBrealquick

3 months ago#4
Chatterbox from 3 was pretty great, before they turned lazlow into an absurd caricature.

User Info: Dos_Pac

3 months ago#5
The West Coast Classics.
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User Info: Quinciano

3 months ago#6
Chatterbox and VCPR (Vice City).

Back in the days I could just turn on the game just to listen to the radio. (We have YouTube now).
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User Info: Timinatron

3 months ago#7
VRock from Vice City
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User Info: frankspank

2 months ago#9
MSX FM. Junglist for life.

User Info: FrozzenX

2 months ago#10
Radio X(Gta:SA) of course.
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