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  3. is it possible to beat the game while following street light laws?
The_Tr0ll 7 years ago#1
what i mean is stopping at all red lights and only proceeding when its green. I know it would be tedious but has anybody tried it?
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nnulda 7 years ago#2
Never tried it as it kinda goes against what GTA is all about...;-]
But there are a few S&F missions where you are up against the clock.
Not wanting to spoil things for anyone but most will be aware by now.
From memory one towing mission, I drug delivery mission that Franklin does, and the tinkle guy.
Stopping for the lights would pretty much screw those...IMO
Princess_Cakey 7 years ago#3
Thats how I play but I realize its not the norm and most players would think I'm crazy for doing so. I stop at stop signs and red lights and generally obey traffic laws (unless I'm playing as Trevor then I drive erratically at times) and try to keep car stealing to a minimum and only ever steal parked cars, never hijacking.

I try to make the game deeper by pretending at times, like I'll drive into a gas station and mimic filling the car... or act like the characters are unaware of certain locations unless they've been informed of them (like Michael/Franklin only go to the LSC near the airport while Trevor only knows about the run-down one near Sandy Shores)

I'm about halfway through the PS4 version playing in this manner and I know its completely possible to beat it this way, I did the same thing for the PS3 version, GTA 4, GTA SA, GTA Vice City, and GTA 3. It's how I play most any free-roam game @3@
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redhawt 7 years ago#4
How would it be possible with the chase missions which you need to catch the person while they are blowing thru lights and you stop?
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gtaking5 7 years ago#5
Outside of timed missions, scripted chases and missions where you need to follow something that's not a car obeying street laws, 100% possible.
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Bluntified 7 years ago#6
I've been doing my current play though doing this. We'll not exactly as I don't stop at lights and signs but rather do rolling stops.

You can totally do the game like this.
blacklabelice 7 years ago#7
not in any of the chase missions i would figure
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Princess_Cakey 7 years ago#9
If a mission is timed or involves a chase I'll obviously break traffic laws. For the tow truck missions I usually yield at reds, it gives me enough time to do the mission but not feel like "Oh I'm screaming through the city at 120 miles an hour, so long, immersion!"
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thekosmicfool part 2 7 years ago#10
It's just common sense that you can follow the traffic laws and still finish missions that have no chase or timed elements.

But the game has tons of timed missions and missions with chases. So the answer has to be "no".

It is impossible to complete the game without breaking traffic laws.
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  3. is it possible to beat the game while following street light laws?
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