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  3. The Platinum is finally in my view, and my Tenure to this game will probably end

User Info: BeautifulBastrd

1 month ago#1

All I have left to do is Accept my Fate for my ending for my final ending trophy and... it’s a bittersweet moment. Because I may actually be completely done with this game.

This is RyuVegas, who is sadly in purgatory for transgressions I did on another board, but this place has always been my safe haven, my Oedon Chapel if y’all will. It’s always been where I came back to when things got hard, either in gaming itself and I needed comfort of the familiar or in life and I also needed the comfort of something instantly familiar. Whatever happened, Bloodborne was there for me. Strange I found that comfort in the Eldtrich Truth and horrible monstrosities that roam the streets of Yharnam lol. But the lore was always my biggest draw to this game. And still is and will be for all of time. No game has done H.P. Lovecraft and Madness nearly as well as this game ever has, so much so it has parallels with my favorite Magic the Gathering sets of all time, Shadows of Innistrad and Eldritch Moon(which I feel took some inspiration from Bloodborne to help craft its world, but I can’t prove that lol) that madness and investigation and unfathomable horrors up in our face when we least expect it probably won’t be this prominent in the culture in a long while, at least the gaming culture. Because in the boardgame and tabletop game world, Arkham Horror and others are doing gangbusters work with the material. I will idolize this game for its consistency on lore until the end of the time.

But the reason I know I’m probably bowing out of this game is gem hunting and PVP. Damn I’m impressed how deep some of y’all go on this aspect. I’ve never seen 31% Adept or Bloodtinge gems. I’ve never seen “Hyper Mode” for myself as I dunno how to use Beast Blood Pellets(and never have in my 4 years of playing. And I’ve tried. In every possible way. I just have no ability to use them and keep the beast meter above 25% full), and talking about never seen gems and I’ve never seen these Poorman’s or Fool’s Gems that put you into the supposed Hyper Mode to melt bosses in seconds. And everytime I fight someone online as invader, as much as I love the feature, I lose. And I lose a lot.

So I think it’s time for me to move on. Sekiro is on the horizon. And many other games are on the horizon as well. Maybe Yharnam will always be in my heart, but it’s clear the skill ceiling has far surpassed me. Thank y’all for letting me join in your community, and keep on hunting. I’ve found all my Eldritch truth in the parameters of this game and community, and I will forever be enriched by y’all.

And may the good blood always guide y’alls ways. ~_^
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User Info: fallin4

1 month ago#2
Goodbye, you beautiful bastard.
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User Info: Biscotti

1 month ago#3

you'll be back! But, if not, happy trails.

User Info: Unbound-King

1 month ago#4
Man, Yharnam gay.
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  3. The Platinum is finally in my view, and my Tenure to this game will probably end
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