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User Info: BeautifulBastrd

1 month ago#1
Like, I have 9 characters in all kinds of level ranges, but it’s all for exploring and just having a good time in this haunting and madding world that I love visiting from time to time.

I rarely engage the PVP portion of the game. “It sucks tho,” is what I hear, yadda yadda. It is what it is. It’s still there, but I never ring my red bell, or even my resonant bell. And I know partially that’s because I haven’t gem hunted.

So, I’m actually fairly versed in the dungeons, their layouts for the fixed ones, and in general know how to take on the bosses. This isn’t an issue. My issue is: how do I stay on target to level up my preferred weapon to +10, so basically what’s the best way to hunt blood stone chunks(as rocks are easy if I’m only focusing on 1-2 weapons) and how do you keep motivation to keep hunting the gems and trudging through the bosses, I think I heard some people do like 400 runs? At least “a couple of 99 uses of Bold Hunter’s Marks,” So at least 200, just to get the gems they want? Because holy crap that is daunting. And intimidating for someone like me that can only play a couple of hours a day, at best at most.

So... is there maybe a shortcut? Do I have to look for super ridiculous rare drop good stat gems? Or can I make do with sub par ones? I know how to grind either the main game Mensis Winter Lanterns for droplet gems, as well as the DLC fishing hamlet Lanterns for decent gems, but if I want into the 26-27%’s for physical and 30-31%’s for Blood Attack and Adept gems. And it would be nice to even see Arc gems lol.

So... while I shake the rust of by getting adjusted to the game again in the main game and DLC with my currently BL31 bloodtinge character, that may stop at only BL43 for invading and co-oping, so any advice and sharpening my skills to gank fools would be much appreciated.

And may the good blood blood guide y’alls ways. ~_^
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User Info: fallin4

1 month ago#2
Have you done chalice dungeons? If not, there's a shortcut in place for you.


Look through this thoroughly, it will help you immensely.

Also, for PvP I would recommend 27% for most serious players. For casual players who are just going through the levels, winter lantern gems are good
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User Info: Jape_Ape

1 month ago#3
The level you intend to cap at also impacts how good your gems should be. As you level higher, you'll need to continue improving your gems to compete.

There are some very nice FDC glyphs which can drop up to 25.3% Physical gems. This will be more than adequate until you start to near the meta (BL 100-150).

In general, I don't think Bloodtinge gems are worth the time investment. BT weapons benefit from phys% and perform very well. Circle gems are worth farming, but don't kill yourself over OoS gems.

Adept gems are more manageable, but it's still a bit daunting. I've farmed up two sets and happened upon a third by chance. They can be worth it if you really want to push relevant weapons to their best. Like BT gems, though, sticking to the easier to acquire phys% is definitely an option.
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User Info: peanutbutterxx

1 month ago#4
Facing a human opponent is a contest of the mind more than anything else. The greatest build in the world wont help you if you're dumb. You need to know what your opponent is going to do before they do it, sometimes even manipulate them into doing it. You get better at this with experience. By learning the tendencies of players and reading your opponent as the fight goes on. Be honest about your own mistakes. Being stubborn about losing is how you keep losing.
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