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User Info: KINGR1P

3 months ago#1
This game got me into Soulsborne. I've owned it since it launched a few years ago and i have 6 characters all with different weapons, strengths, setups, etc.

I recently ran thru it again and beat it in just over 9 hours which is quick for me since i like to kill everything.

Anyway, I'm rambling but i love this game. Its my favorite PS4 exclusive and I'm probably gonna start a new game when i get off work and play it alongside Pokemon Lets Go.

Anyone else feel....

Well i know yall feel the same way. I lurk this board and noticed a lot of the people who were here in 2015 are still lurking around as well. Whether theyre doing challenge runs, chalices or helping/invading other players.

Sidenote: I've never invaded anyone or done co op. I have always played offline.

Edit: My favorite boss is Amelia and the boss i struggle with the most are Shadows of Yharnam. I've never been good at gank bosses.

User Info: madeaccount4dis

3 months ago#2
Everyone is playing Pokemon Let's Go and I'm just sitting here playing Pokemon Y...
Best boss is Maria, hardest? Can't say, depends on build/day. I do hate fighting Rom and Amygdala though

User Info: KDTProjekt

3 months ago#3
Favorite PS4 game, but I'm pretty much done with it minus a few minutes of farming when the inevitable FDC with guaranteed Poorman's in Triangle shape is created. Barely played much in the past year outside of capitalizing on the free Ps+ month for the increased traffic. I've moved on from farming gems, to farming Endo and Kuva. I'm mostly here out of habit.
"Gamefaqs is just a random rants generator" - Westcurry

User Info: KINGR1P

3 months ago#4
I think i jinxed myself because for some reason on NG+ on my low level character im stuck on Shadows of Yharnum lol i feel like a scrub

User Info: shibulator

3 months ago#5
I play very rarely nowadays. I love this game, but I think I've extracted every bit of joy possible from this game. I just dont light up when I play it now.
When death sleeps, it dreams of you

User Info: the_bats17

3 months ago#6
It's my favourite game period. Only a couple come close and I've been gaming for 30+ years. I take long breaks but when I come back I get just as much into it as I did at the beginning. Now with the dual dungeons and false depths it's reignited my passion for making builds. Such a wonderful game.
Next time be a Hero by remembering you're not.

User Info: Mizati20

3 months ago#7
I don’t even play video games... just Bloodborne, had always seen videos of it online and watched playtbroughs but didn’t have a PS4...

My oldest son borrowed his friends PS4 and I found myself at GameStop buying a used copy hours later, also bought the friends PS4 as well haha...

Thousands of hours later I still enjoy coming home and dungeon diving and co-op’ing, my favorite build by far is an arcane build, hands down, I have every build and my lvl 140 pure arcane build gets the most playtime by far.

User Info: LandfillAO

3 months ago#8
shibulator posted...
I play very rarely nowadays. I love this game, but I think I've extracted every bit of joy possible from this game. I just dont light up when I play it now.

Pretty much the same for me. I've put so many hours into it that it's just kinda run it's course.

But I do still lurk here and judge you all from a distance.

User Info: Great_Khan

3 months ago#9
It's my likely favourite game of all time (DS3 runs it extremely close however), but I'm not a big replayer of games and I've had my time with it after a couple of playthroughs and challenge runs, and of course the PS+ bump.

Anyhoo, best boss is Maria (Best vanilla boss would be Logarius). Worst boss is b****es of Hemwick. Hardest boss is Headless BLB or Defiled Watchdog if we're counting ones with extra penalties.

User Info: Jay_Souls

3 months ago#10
bloodborne has an evil spell on me or something... I move on and do other things in life, play other games, when I have time, and it just keeps calling me back. it may be a month, several months, almost a year.... but I keep crawling back.

ima fan boy so I wont list my favorite bosses bcuz I've got other things to do and the list is long but the dlc bosses are top tier in all of gaming....

when I have time im tryin to smack Maria up with the beast claw with an under leveled character, mid upgraded claw with s***ty gems and no gun.. i'd say she likes to take a beating, but I think I like getting beat down by her.
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