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  3. I dont think this game was ever fully appreciated

User Info: nativeboi85

1 year ago#1
I still feel like most people think this is more of a niche game than a masterpiece. Its a true honest nightmare creatures and dark souls hybrid that was done to perfection.
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User Info: ImmortalDragonX

1 year ago#2
I think most of those people are those that might have tried playing this game, got wrecked early, and gave up realizing that this is not their type of game.

Or heard about the game and how it goes and decided it wasn't for them.

I used to be in the latter, tbh. A friend convincing me to try out DS3 changed that.
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User Info: thedarkness0170

1 year ago#3
I dont really think so. This game received a lot of love when it first came out by critics and fans alike. Before the massive resurgence of players it was still actually pretty active. Its a hit through and through.

User Info: 8SaintWanderer

1 year ago#4
Bloodborne is a masterpiece, this puddle of blood version of the Hunter statue is worth about 1,500 bux now lmao, I got it for less than a third of that price.
Most people who kept tabs on Miyazaki/From etc. knew Bloodborne would be a masterpiece, I'm glad it's found a new audience even three years after launch, all are welcome :).
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User Info: King_Deadlights

1 year ago#5
Just recently got a PS4, and as an Xbox user this was the one game I had really missed. The other PS exclusives never interested me that much, but I always enjoyed the Souls games.

Definitely hasn't disappointed.
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User Info: RyuVegas

1 year ago#6
I mean... I’ve appreciated its amazingness and splendor for at least 2 years and I consider it my favorite game of all time(no joke) to the point I love the Magic the Gathering sets Shadows over Innistrad and Eldrich Moon because they are basically Bloodborne’s story but played out with MtG cards and their characters and lore woven into the narrative and I still play Bloodborne to this day to the point my GF tries to get me to both stop talking about it on any given day or rolls my eyes at me when I boot up Bloodborne again over any other game I have in my rather vast collection of games.

I dunno who you are saying “isn’t appreciating” this game. But for those of us that have... oh we’ve been appreciating it plenty for the last few years. :)
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User Info: slugbait

1 year ago#7
The "elephant in the room" to consider, is that: we are stuck in a era where the game industry has devolved to the point, where releasing a decent interesting enjoyable game with anywhere near the quality of Bloodborne, has become impossible.

It has been years of one disappointing game after another, with no end in sight except maybe the remaster of DS1 or Red Dead 2, both of which are likely to disappoint.

User Info: 8SaintWanderer

1 year ago#8
Be sure to check out Nioh is you like Bloodborne.
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User Info: kriirk

1 year ago#10
Underwhelmed by PS4 specs, I was stubbornly sticking to the PS3.. until this came out, that is.
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