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User Info: thierminator

1 year ago#1
Well i am not really a fan. Only thing i like is that i can switch elemental gems. But i am no fan of grinding. Peace out
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User Info: sirhett

1 year ago#2
Yes and no. I like it because you get more co-op in dungeons. I don't like having to depend on rng for an acceptable curse.
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User Info: DarthInvader

1 year ago#3
Grinding for gems is partially what makes the game replayable

User Info: thasnipermaster

1 year ago#4
I love it, gives the game some sort of end-game, that Dark Souls doesn't have

User Info: shibulator

1 year ago#5
Only sorta, I like the hunt usually for the bigger better gem but i dont like how it actually affects the gameplay. It made pvp pretty lopsided, and fast to the point like the time it took to connect was longer than the fight.

I don't know.

I think it should have had more varied affects that could be useful. This game needed a rock hard patch for gems to help improve rapid/slow poison effects, create more varied and meaningful gems, eliminate utter trash gems like SKL +12 bulls***. Whatever
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User Info: DarthInvader

1 year ago#6
shibulator posted...
I think it should have had more varied affects that could be useful. This game needed a rock hard patch for gems to help improve rapid/slow poison effects, create more varied and meaningful gems, eliminate utter trash gems like SKL +12 bulls***. Whatever

I kinda agree with this. Wouldve loved to see stronger poison builds. And yea, a lot of the gems are worthless, and u end up repeating the same dungeons for the same gems on dif chars. All in all, i love it though. It gives u something extra to do besides the main game.

User Info: Beutlin

1 year ago#7
I don´t understand the question. Do we like Beethoven, Gaudí and Picasso?

User Info: demonshonor

1 year ago#8
I’ve never been a huge fan of farming, so no.

That being said, I do enjoy the chalices themselves.
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User Info: MakotoYuri

1 year ago#9
the system is good, though it needs fixing, not only the effects but my main complain is that you have to do the boring chalice dungeons, then hope for rng, it´s also only feasible to farm if you have ps+ as you cannot search glyphs offline, and as someone who ain´t playing much online it´s kinda s*** not being able to optimize my weapons.
imo it would be better to have better gem drops depending on Ng+ cycle.
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User Info: KDTProjekt

1 year ago#10
Like many of From's additions/tweaks designed to fix a problem previous games had, it looks great on paper. In practice it lingers somewhere between "meh" and "s***." They attempted to gate power through firewalls of difficulty. This is a good thing. It means the games progression system is a meritocracy. Gating the most powerful gems in Dungeons also tried to solve an issue in other games where co-op dried up beyond the level bracket the average player finished NG.

The problems start to become more apparent when you realize that if you want to do anything remotely creative, Gem type distribution is absolutely s***. The most generic gems, like Tempering 27.2% are the easiest by far to farm with the most frequency, whereas if you want to do something more risk/reward, like Fool's/Poorman's, or make a weapon take advantage of one moveset while sacrificing another, like Charge Atk, Blood Atk, Blunt, and Thrust, you're stuck farming for a disproportionate amount of time. Why would the average player farm for 40-80 hours to be a special snowflake, when they can have another set of gems that go well above and beyond what the core game has to offer in an hour or two?

People often forget that for a VERY long time after launch, co-operators didn't even receive a gem/reward in Chalice Dungeons for killing a boss, and upgrade material drops weren't a thing at all. Thus most people would just solo the things. Hosts who wanted/need help never got it because there was absolutely no incentive for anyone to bother offering help. By the time the change was made so that co-operators did get a reward, hosts had realized that you could farm a boss three to five times in the timeframe you'd spend waiting for a co-operator that may, or may not, show up. So once again, everyone just soloed things. The ecosystem had changed from a bunch of hosts attempting to summon, but no co-operators because they had no incentive to offer assistance, to a bunch of hosts not bothering to even try summoning due to it being more efficient and faster to just solo everything, leaving all the co-operators at the Short Root Ritual Chalice with their thumb in their ass.

If connectivity was smoother and more of a guarantee, these issues might not be so bad. The game is a culmination of many good ideas that work independent of each other, but fail to work together. If there's an issue or disparity with one, they all just kind of fall apart.

The result? A game where co-op is still dead in vanilla areas beyond the average level a player completes NG, and people choosing to completely avoid or completely solo the portion of the game that was designed for infinite co-op.

If Dungeons were to remain, I'd improve connectivity and remove Glypsh. You want to run a Dungeon? You play it like Diablo and don't know what you're going to get. RNG and scarcity provides incentive to co-op and create new Dungeons in lieu of just soloing the same 6 Glyphs everyone has used since week 2 after launch. Personally, I'd ditch the Dungeons altogether, and change loot/gem drops in NG+ and beyond to provide incentive for people to run the vanilla game and fuel co-op at higher levels, making them get progressively stronger until NG++ or something
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