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  3. When does New Game+ get hard?

User Info: jenrais

2 years ago#1
By this I mean is it the third or fourth time around or what?

at New game++ and wondering how many more runs before it becomes hell

User Info: J_Can_Man

2 years ago#2
If you keep leveling up, it will never be hard.
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User Info: Grisonaut

2 years ago#3
At about the same time every morning.

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User Info: KDTProjekt

2 years ago#4
If you have top tier gems and a lot of VIT, it never really gets hard. Just kind of plateaus. NG to NG+ is the largest jump in difficulty, and NG++ to NG+6 has the same difficulty increase, but spaced over 5 NG cycles, before it caps out.
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User Info: Luxicodex

2 years ago#5
It doesn't.

User Info: shafalloutlilac

2 years ago#6
It really doesn't if you've gotten used to the game and its mechanics.
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  3. When does New Game+ get hard?
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