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User Info: jenrais

2 years ago#1
Laurence, is there like some trick to this because he seems very random and every ability seems like a near one shot

User Info: jenrais

2 years ago#2
Anyone? This seems to be one hell of a cheap boss

User Info: IgnisScientia

2 years ago#3
Another bump so that others can see. I don't have the DLC, so I can't help, sadly. Hope you get a response soon!

User Info: Blastoisiken

2 years ago#4
Laurence is a piece of s*** for sure. My advice would be to fight him and using PS4's share feature, save a clip of your fight and see which move kills you. I know most people say learn a bosses moveset but ya know you can usually not remember a few moves and get by. With Laurence having so many 1 hit kills you really do have to learn almost all of his entire moveset.

I remember one move that got me a lot was his 4 swipe move. He'd swipe to his right then left then right then left. After he finished his first right and left swipe he'd do it again but he'd do it faster. I always thought it would be the same speed but it's not.
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User Info: Shankis

2 years ago#5
If you've got your Arcane or Bloodtinge at like 40+, it'll help a lot with phase 2 of the fight. Either pew pew him with the orb (blanking on its name, the one you find where the Celestial Emissary would be in the DLC) or using Simon's Bowblade. The first part? HP runes and lots of dodging.
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User Info: jenrais

2 years ago#7
Ryu4772 posted...

What is this damage O.o

User Info: jenrais

2 years ago#8
Just an update, finally killed him

May he die in an eternal hell. Hardest boss in the game IMO next to Ludwig

User Info: Ryu4772

2 years ago#9
Nice job man. Go have yourself a super climax now!
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Too Easy
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