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  3. Best Strength weapon for PVE?

User Info: jenrais

2 years ago#1
Been using the holy blade for a while but I wanted to try something else.... Any suggestions?

User Info: final_chance

2 years ago#2
Kirkhammer or Whirligig if you have the DLC.
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User Info: Ryu4772

2 years ago#3
The Ludwig's blade is basically the best strength and skill weapon. The next best things are the whirligig saw and saw cleaver for strength. You could try those.
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User Info: DevilAsylum

2 years ago#4
I'm a fan of Logarius' Wheel, kicks even more butt on a strength/arcane build. I've heard the Amygdalan arm is fun too.
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User Info: Sg_otf

2 years ago#5
Ludwigs holy blade
Holy moonlight sword
Wirligig saw (dlc weapon)
Hunter axe
Beast cutter (dlc weapon)
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User Info: Blastoisiken

2 years ago#6
I prefer Beast Cutter. I believe it's got the same r1 speed as Hunter's Axe and it's transformed range is impressive. Especially on the second consecutive r2. I would honestly say Whirligig is one of the best if not the best but I think it looks stupid af so I don't' use it.
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  3. Best Strength weapon for PVE?
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