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User Info: arstos

5 months ago#1
The robot sooooo f***ing much. That's all. I didn't know what rage was till I met him.

I hate him.
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User Info: RaisinBizzle

5 months ago#2
After losing over and over I somehow managed to get an A+, which was my first up to that point. Eventually the last phase just clicked and I was able to beat it without issue. Utilizing the shrink ability to get by the electric barriers quickly was key.
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User Info: Fracastador

5 months ago#3
If you're playing on a keyboard (like I did), the precision movement required to pass by phase 3 is rough. Keyboards and bullet hell do not mix, I think.

That said, here are some tips I figured out after a while. You may know them already, you may not.

The robot's first phase is all about controlling where the laser aims. I recommend using bombs while near the top of the screen to take out the lower targets before using shrink to rapidly swap between attacking the antenna laser and taking out the bombs that come from the broken panel near the bottom of the robot. Parry the pink cylinders quickly, as they restrict your movement. Keep in mind that the cylinders still block your attacks from the targets, even after parried.

The part where his heart comes out is the easiest phase for me. I just dodge things and take out bombs when the opportunity presents itself. When the magnet turns up in this phase, ride the movement change, don't fight it. Let it shift you unless it would shift you into an obstacle.

At this point, I have 5 cards charged up so I just use the bomb super move on his head. I end up picking up another 5 cards during his last phase anyway, so I don't think this is a waste.

During his last phase, the blue attacks move WITH him, but the red attacks do not, which means that if he is moving away from you the gaps between his lasers are larger, and if he is moving towards you the gaps are smaller. Use this to your dodging advantage. I ended up using shrink to pass through a lot of the blue attacks and normal form to pass through the red while he's moving away from me, hitting him with bullets when we pass by each other near the middle of the screen.
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User Info: DJPLACE

5 months ago#4
that boss is HELL it's self.
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User Info: arstos

5 months ago#5
I finally beat him about an hour after the post, but my God he was a pain in the ass. Hell of an adrenaline rush when I finally did get him though, and then I celebrated with a tumbler of the good scotch lol.
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