Level achievements not unlocking on Halo:CE...

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User Info: CodNotCoDm8s

1 year ago#1
I see this is a widespread problem but the first 3 level cheevos unlocked but then the following 3 didnt, am i going to have to replay them? Annoying.

It does say 100% in the progress tracker for the levels complete though but no achievement.
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User Info: koolaidmatt

1 year ago#2
This has happened to me before, I think it has something to do with continuing missions after you save and quit, with a possibility of turning off your xbox or quiting halo.
I had to replay like 4 missions even though I did beat them on legendary.

It's been a while since I last been on halo but I remember going through the achievements on halo it's self, ending up finding some of the mission achievements not unlocked.

I was mad because I did it all on solo. I beat all of campaigns and had to figure out what missions do I need to replay.

Good luck!

User Info: ShlogDW

1 year ago#3
last week I got a bunch of the Halo CE level achievements. however the past few days I was running through Halo 4 for the terminals and Halo 2 for the skulls. some of them didn't unlock. it's weird because I have the achievement for "find all Halo 4 terminals", but I'm missing a couple of the individual terminal achievements. this game is just glitchy. not much you can do about it.
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User Info: SergioMach5

1 year ago#4
I have the same problems, some like finding the Siege of Madrigal are found but no dice at unlocking the achievement.

Going for the legendary speedrun tonight, it better not destroy my will by not unlocking. I am a Halo 1 completionist.
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  3. Level achievements not unlocking on Halo:CE...

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