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User Info: fallofparadise

4 years ago#1
Has anyone found this on the PSN Store yet? I loved this game as a child but I hope the price isn't through the roof for a 30 year old game.

User Info: Autumn4

4 years ago#2
Might appear during the update this afternoon if it's not there yet
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User Info: suntzu619

4 years ago#3
Koko Savage will lead me to breaking my PS4 controller.

User Info: PuchoLive

4 years ago#4
Is there a vs online option?

User Info: bootiemon

4 years ago#5
No online vs., price is $7.99

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User Info: Econobrick

4 years ago#6
Just bought it.
A pleasant surprise, too... because I assumed they gave up releasing these on the US psn store. (There's like 20 of these Arcade Archive games on the Japanese psn, and including this, only two of them have been released on the US store)

Maybe they'll bring over Double Dragon and the other Technos games (Renegade, Karate Champ, etc) eventually as well. :)

I already have Double Dragon and Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun (Japanese version of Renegade) from the JPN store but having to buy japanese psn cards is a bit annoying... easy, but still annoying.

They're a bit overpriced, but they're at least good ports. (save states, customizable controls, trophies etc)

User Info: Jason523

4 years ago#7
This was a huge surprise to me. Just found it on the store and had no idea. I used to sink quarters into this at the newspaper store when I was a kid. Instant buy.

User Info: demonlord6696

4 years ago#8
Damn just found out this was released! I loved this game but for $7.99 I dunno.....
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