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  3. Are you re-playing MKX to get hyped for MK11?

User Info: Genzanin

1 year ago#41
Had it on backlog (Mkxl)
Now Im racking up trophies
And clearing every tower/story

Hate the Mkids
Like both alien n predator

I ll jump in MK11 with the Komplete ed later
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User Info: GamingVet

1 year ago#42
I am. Just decided to run through Arcade Ladder with all the characters again.

User Info: jlaw12204

1 year ago#43
I am but because i bought injustic at $100 at launch and didn't get darkside (would have got him if I bought the game a few hours earlier) I still have a sour taste in my mouth and will wait for the cheaper inevitable XL or gold or whatever edition to be released. Mkx to this day is still getting plenty or play probably more so because its on xbox game pass now too. Im sure mk11 will be active as ever when it has a cheap edition.

User Info: Mystickay86

1 year ago#44
No, RE2 Remake & DMC5.

However, I watched the whole story of MKX again as a refresher.
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User Info: trevor400

1 year ago#45
just playing ferra torr lackey. lol tryin to pass the time

User Info: Gatsuka

1 year ago#46
Currently playing sf5/Umvc3, Soon : T7/MvC:I
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User Info: Wazzupguys

1 year ago#47
No, i'll wait for the 2020 next gen release.

User Info: Wazzupguys

9 months ago#48
With KoF XIV announced for Current Gen.
I might buy MK11 for Current Gen.

User Info: amensvalves

4 months ago#49
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  3. Are you re-playing MKX to get hyped for MK11?
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