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  3. Are you re-playing MKX to get hyped for MK11?

User Info: Feral_Thug

4 months ago#1
I tried but I just couldn't do it. I haven't played this game in a year and coming back to it now I forgot all my kombos and would have to re-learn it from scratch. At that point I'm just going to wait and save my energy for 11 but X is still a great game.

User Info: Sydlot

4 months ago#2
Hell yeah!

User Info: the36thchamber

4 months ago#3
Yeah im just getting back into it today. idk what happened to my copy of mkx but mkxl was on sale for $5 so i jumped on that. I forgot how much i liked this game

User Info: Mynash

4 months ago#4
I've been playing MKX on and off ever since I purchased it back in '15. I reckon I'll still keep playing as long as the towers are still online as I'm not interested in MKXI just yet.
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User Info: Zerodegreez

4 months ago#5
Same. I've been playing it just to play it. It's just a more enjoyable game for me than I2.

Game has never quite died and has been going strong online since 2015. Even before the MK11 Hype the rooms were pretty good. Now they're even fuller.

It will definitely die come MK11 so enjoy it while it lasts.

User Info: davishepard

4 months ago#6
Bought MKXL digital pretty cheap.
And I am having so much fun with the game, again.

User Info: streetfighter76

4 months ago#7
I miss Predator A LOT!!
I became quite good with him, it's almost embarrassing to say that he became one of my strongest characters, even more than some of the ones I've been using since MKII. >_>

I say this game ended up with a few of the coolest guest characters of all times for the series; i for one always enjoyed when someone challenged my Predator with their Alien!
Epic battle!! O_O
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User Info: Feral_Thug

4 months ago#8
Hmm, I tried again tonight and got destroyed. I went back to my main man Kano but the controls still feel like a fish out of water to me, I'm not used to them again yet. Everyone else online is so agile.

User Info: Zerodegreez

4 months ago#9
Your Muscle memory will come back, you may need to refresh your combos but you still know them deep down. It might feel like you've forgotten them completely but you just need to awaken your muscle memory.

Hit practice for a bit and get a feel for the game again, they will come. The timing will come. It will fall into place again.

When you feel you're somewhat comfortable hit online again and be patient with yourself. You'll find your flow and agility in time.

It took me a while to readjust after starting in MKX playing the crap out of it, then going to I2 then coming back to MKX.

I kept at it, refreshed in practice, single fights and online. Now I'm stronger than what I was before I went to I2.

You still have 4 months till MK11. Plenty of time to get your groove back.

User Info: Fire_Emblem_

4 months ago#10
Sydlot posted...
Hell yeah!
My words exactly in my head. Lol
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