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  3. Ermac's inner workings fatality input is wrong.
UltiMysterio 6 years ago#1
I tried and tried and couldn't get it to work... Then accidentally I figured it out. It's forward, down, up, back. So if anyone else was having trouble hope this helps.
The_Pope_Mobile 6 years ago#2
Thanks! I've been wondering if I had just lost brain funtion, I knew I was doing what it said but it wasn't working.
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superbowl54 6 years ago#3
it's just down, up, back.

hold block during the down, up part, then release block, then hit back, it'll work every time.
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LionHartZero 6 years ago#4
Thought it was me lol
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Rageahr 6 years ago#5
Well, that explains a lot, thanks for that my friend.
PolarSnowball 6 years ago#6
its down up back.
I just jump and input the commande right when im about to land so the Up doesnt make me jump again.
eli_moore 6 years ago#7
I spent a lot of time trying to do this :L thanks
UltiMysterio 6 years ago#8
I'm no stranger to fatalities I know holding block and all helps but honestly idk why it wouldn't work for me. Once I added the towards in it was sure fire every time. But if the original input is working for you guys that's cool too. Just wanted to help anyone in need.
retrokkidd26 6 years ago#9
So I tried every method I see here, resulting in me doing 2 different fatalities. I tried.... Hold block, press down up, away, (release block upon pressing away), that fatality is when he telelifts the opponent in the air and pulls their stomach and insides out which i'm guess is "inner workings". Then I tried the the other way with forward first, I got nothing..I kept trying and I accidentally put in a different input, which was forward, down, down, block+up, I got another fatality where which he slams his opponents head down into their body and pulls it through his stomach telekinetic style.
BeefEaster 6 years ago#10
I've done it many times by using the input commands listed in the game so.........
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  3. Ermac's inner workings fatality input is wrong.
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