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User Info: Aeramis

4 years ago#1
Is anyone else having difficulty logging into the WB Play Account with MKX App? I keep getting an Error Message and I have also reset my password just in case.
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User Info: Dos_Pac

4 years ago#2
Yup no luck logging on.
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User Info: ModestJ

4 years ago#3
All you have to do is throw your mobile device into an antbed and reach in with your bare hand and pull it out! Seriously people...
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User Info: CleaverDrummer

4 years ago#4
Welcome to mobile gaming, where everything sucks all the time.

User Info: KyleKiwi

4 years ago#5
I don't even see it on the Play Store yet

User Info: ZentetsukenVII

4 years ago#6
Supposedly the game isn't even showing up for some people in the appstore anymore. They might've possibly not meant to release it today? Dunno..

User Info: UnknownEntitie

4 years ago#7
Keeps crashing after I complete the tutorial and yeah couldn't sign in either -.-

User Info: 2tailsDS

4 years ago#8
I had problems at first the realized on iPhone it capitalized the first letter of my password when I forced it into lowercase I logged in no problem

User Info: eviltom17

4 years ago#9
The game crashes every now and then for me, but I havn't had any issues connecting to my WBID. First time I tried logging in, I connected, got no error messages. I'm on a Iphone 4S.

User Info: BlackHole001

4 years ago#10
I was connected now I can't go online says connection error
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