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  3. Man this game is f***ing aggravating in a good way

User Info: GFMCSMD

6 months ago#1
How is everyone liking the game ?
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User Info: thecatsix

6 months ago#2
Loving it. It's a return to form for Agent 47. Playing it through the Hitman 2 interface has made it a lot more fluid. I find myself getting Silent Assassin ratings a lot more often.
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User Info: Shotgunnova

6 months ago#3
Rather enjoyable. I remember not liking the d-pad left/right for inventory switching, since it brings up a separate menu that kinda breaks immersion. I believe Hitman 2 fixes that problem, though.
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User Info: SaintAkira7

6 months ago#4
I started when it was released in chapters way back, and only played the first couple and some elusive targets. Never bought anymore content for it until this came up. Tbh, I thought this game was a great example of an episodic game done correctly. The levels were so well-crafted and filled with different ways to go about the assassinations that spending time with a level and getting to know it in and out was really rewarding.

Just jumped back in, finally cleared Marrakesh (a bit sloppily) and Bangkok (even more sloppily) and am now on the farm. But, I think I'll go back to Bangkok and do Cross in properly, and learn some intricacies of the level while I'm at it.

Full disclosure: I save scum like a mofo. XD
PSN: SaintAkira42
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  3. Man this game is f***ing aggravating in a good way
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