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User Info: civicspeedny

4 years ago#1
i have season 1 and 2 on 360 is there a way to continue for season 3 on xbox 1 when season 3 comes out? or would i have to rebuy the first 2 seasons if i wanted my saves to carry over?
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User Info: Heazie

4 years ago#2
Unless they somehow figure out a way to make the saves compatible (highly doubtful if Rockstar can't do it for GTA5, no way Telltale can - though I'd love to be proven wrong!!), it ain't happening.
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User Info: MusuoJoe

4 years ago#3
Up-Scaled game for free? Not gonna happen.
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User Info: mcmax3000

4 years ago#4
MusuoJoe posted...
Up-Scaled game for free? Not gonna happen.

That's not what they were asking. The question was if your save progress will carry forward from the 360.
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