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User Info: Robazoid

11 months ago#1
Happy New Year! Good luck to everyone who participates in this.


Credit goes to tazzyboyishere for first starting this in 2016. Basically, there are 50 challenges outlined below that will require you to beat 52 games total. This isn't a competition and there's no prize for winning aside from a sense of accomplishment. This is just a fun thing to participate in while we all work through our video game libraries. It also gives us a place to discuss what we're playing. Feel free to join in!

- A single playthrough of a game can only be used for one challenge
- Use your own judgment to decide if game fits in a certain category
- Games started in 2019 or earlier are fine as long as they're finished in 2020
- Please add your own games to the spreadsheet linked to below, which anyone can edit
- When using the spreadsheet, please don't mess with checklists/tallies that aren't yours
- There's a tab listing favorite games in the spreadsheet if you need help with Challenge 42
- If you have any questions, feel free to ask!



Years (5)
1. Beat a game released before 1990
2. Beat a game released between 1990-1999
3. Beat a game released between 2000-2009
4. Beat a game released between 2010-2019
5. Beat a game released in 2020

Series (4)
6. Beat a game in a completely new series
7. Beat a game in a series you've already played some of
8. Beat a spin-off or a game that rebooted a franchise
9. Beat a remake or enhanced port

Creators (3)
10. Beat a game made by a director/composer/artist/etc that you like
11. Beat a game made by a developer you like
12. Beat a game made by a developer you've never tried

Genres (11)
13. Beat a WRPG
14. Beat a JRPG
15. Beat a puzzle game
16. Beat a rhythm game
17. Beat a first-person shooter
18. Beat a third-person shooter
19. Beat a platformer
20. Beat an action game
21. Beat a strategy game
22. Beat a fighting game
23. Beat a sports game

Themes (6)
24. Beat a game with romance as a central theme
25. Beat a game with horror as a central theme
26. Beat a game with revenge as a central theme
27. Beat a game with mystery as a central theme
28. Beat a game with the supernatural as a central theme
29. Beat a game with comedy as a central theme

Demographics (6)
30. Beat a game with a female lead
31. Beat a game with a child lead
32. Beat a game with a non-white lead
33. Beat a game with a robot/artificial lead
34. Beat a game with an animal lead
35. Beat a game with a lead that's from a fictional species

Time (3)
36. Beat a game that's been in your backlog for a long time
37. Beat a game you'd dropped or had a long hold on
38. Finish a game in one day
39. Finish a game that took you at least twenty-five hours to beat

Stats (3)
40. Beat a game with a Metascore below 70
41. Beat a game with a Metascore above 90
42. Beat another user's favorite game

Adaptation (3)
43. Beat a game based on licensed stories/characters
44. Beat a game that's been adapted into another medium
45. Beat a game that features historical events or people

Miscellaneous (5)
46. Beat a game you received for free or through a paid subscription service
47. Play a technically unbeatable game for at least six hours
48. Beat a game that starts with the first letter of your username
49. Choose a random page on TVTropes and beat something from the video game section
50-52. Beat three games in a series

User Info: Robazoid

11 months ago#2
As suggested near the end of the last topic, I added the new free game challenge (46) and cut the replay a game one. If you replay a game you'll just have to squeeze it into some other category now.

Let me know if there's any problems with the spreadsheet.

User Info: azuarc

11 months ago#3
Already beat my first game, since the person I spent New Years with wanted to see me play it. Arguably, I need to beat it 6 or 7 more times to finish it, but I did get to an ending.
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User Info: 249USDollars

11 months ago#4
7. Beat a game in a series you've already played some of
Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Starting off quick since I was on the last chapter of one of my routes coming into tonight

Also for reference my Trope page is

User Info: davidponte

11 months ago#5
Going to tag this. I'm either going to play more games than ever this year or cut back on gaming altogether, however I don't know which it will be just yet.
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User Info: Mega Mana

Mega Mana
11 months ago#6
How does one receive games for free? Like gifts?
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User Info: davidponte

11 months ago#7
The Epic Games Store hands out free games like they're candy so you can start there. Between that and Twitch Prime I have like 50 games that I'll likely never play.
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User Info: TheArkOfTurus

11 months ago#8
31. Beat a game with a child lead

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+


And my trope is Rocket Ride. That'll probably end up being Contra 3, or a DMC.
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User Info: Robazoid

11 months ago#9
Gifts, free games on steam/mobile, humble bundle monthly, various subscription services

Free games are super easy to come by on PC, at least, but I figure even people who play on consoles get a birthday gift or two so hopefully the challenge is fair.

User Info: KCF0107

11 months ago#10
Mine is https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/DirtyCoward/VideoGames.

Reminder to myself that I own or have access to and have yet to beat these eligible games:
Fire Emblem Three Houses
Jurassic Park
Kingdom Come
Metal Gear Solid V
Minecraft Story Mode
Until Dawn

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