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  3. Mercs Offseason Topic: Now with Less Purge

User Info: trdl23

5 months ago#1
Seems like people are wanting one. We’ll use GMUN’s patented anti-purge technology this time.
E come vivo? Vivo!

User Info: trdl23

5 months ago#2
E come vivo? Vivo!

User Info: DeathChicken

5 months ago#3
Yarr, where be Mercs
We are thought, and reality, and concept, and the unimaginable

User Info: GenesisSagat

5 months ago#4
How many days do I have left? 4? Yeah, let's go with four...

User Info: ScareChan

5 months ago#5
Buy bass

User Info: GTN

5 months ago#6
Heroes of Ruin demo on eshop

User Info: ff6man

5 months ago#7
Persona 5
this is a gmun alt
Formerly ff6ultraman

User Info: Johnbobb

5 months ago#8
Khal Kirby, warlord of the Super Star Khalasar
PSN/Steam: CheddarBBQ

User Info: trdl23

5 months ago#9
Solaire of Astora (Dark Souls)
Heroic Male Undead
2/wk Support

Praise the Sun! (Peacetime, Recharge 3): Every 4 weeks, Solaire can invite ALL teams to Praise the Sun with him. Each team leader, including you, who agrees to Praise the Sun will have all of their mercs receive a 20% parameter bonus during the fight this week. However, Solaire can bring you more energy from the praises of all other leaders, giving your team 10% additional parameters for every other team who chose to praise.

If only I could be so grossly incandescent! (Start of Battle, Recharge 3): Once every 4 weeks, Solaire will let a target merc to live his dream and become grossly incandescent. The merc will give off intense light throughout the entire fight, and looking directly at that merc might be perilous for others.

Take this, to cross the gaps between worlds, and engage in jolly cooperation! (Peacetime, Recharge 5): Once every 6 weeks, Solaire can arrange for another team in ANY pool to summon his attached merc for aid, as long as they will cooperate and allow his team to summon a merc of his leader's choosing. If it's agreed, the mercs will swap teams for the week. Their non-limited use abilities (but NOT their supports') can be used as if they were off cooldown, and they will not incur cooldowns from usage. However, they cannot be assigned EXP this week, and each leader will pay the upkeep of the summoned merc, not the original one. Mercs will return to their teams at the start of the next Peacetime.

If the offer is refused, this ability will not go on cooldown, but an offer may only be made once per week.

Not sure which of these to make base or make into upgrades.
E come vivo? Vivo!

User Info: KanzarisKelshen

5 months ago#10
So just testing the waters for a match I've been thinking about for a while here...

Kefka vs Harry Dresden, terrain = abandoned city (not Chicago). Who ya got?
Shine on, you crazy diamond.
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