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User Info: Suprak the Stud

Suprak the Stud
1 month ago#41
With all that being said though, there are plenty of things I did like about Kyoko. I particularly appreciated Chapter 6 Kyoko, even if I was still mildly miffed she almost got me killed. The scenes where she is trying to piece together what is going on with her dad were great and they do explain her cold personality for most of the game a bit more. Basically any time Kyoko lets some cracks through and she shows some emotion, it works out well. And I also did appreciate her in comparison to Byakuya. While I didn’t like the way the game used her and how she was just handing out solutions all the time, the one exception I was willing to make was whenever she was dunking on Byakuya during one of the trials. She has the sort of intelligence Byakuya thinks he has so whenever she is able to throw it in his face a little bit it would warm the cockles of my heart. Oh, and soup can on the head Kyoko might be the cutest art in either game. There are a couple of others that are close, but in terms of character sprites that has to be one of my favorites. It almost made up for the fact I was down in the garbage because of her in the first place.

I know this is probably much lower for Kyoko than most lists, but I just can’t bump her up any higher in spite of the stuff I liked. This is the “more good than bad” tier, and that’s absolutely where she slots in for me. She is another one that would be at least one tier up if they had made a little change, and I would guess that if the game had the mechanics of the second game, they wouldn’t have been in such a box when writing here character. She always felt like a crutch to me. The writers didn’t know how to work something into the gameplay, so it would be “eh just have Kyoko tell everyone”. That’s really why she places so low for me, and I’d be more willing to overlook some annoying character choices in some of the cases and the low points of her personality if it wasn’t for this. I’m not going to argue with someone who likes Kyoko because with her I definitely at least see the appeal. She just wasn’t someone I was a huge fan of. Sorry Kyoko stans.
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User Info: Dels

1 month ago#42
Anagaram posted...
Suprak, you do realize he's the Ultimate Affluent Progeny, and not the Ultimate Affluent Prodigy, right?

i didn't realize this and i've been a danganronpa fan for years

User Info: Dels

1 month ago#43
okay "fan" is too big a word. i reluctantly play them and sometimes enjoy them.

User Info: Dels

1 month ago#44
i'm not sure exactly what could bring someone to resonate with kyoko, tbh. one of life's mysteries.

User Info: Sheep007

1 month ago#45
Kyoko isn't great (I forgot her name and referred to her as Boring Girl until about chapter five) but I think she's a little bit better than you ranked her and has good free time events compared to most of the others in DR1 especially
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User Info: azuarc

1 month ago#46
*lowers pitchfork*

Oh, okay...that makes sense...
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User Info: Johnbobb

1 month ago#47
Kyoko is fine

she mostly shines by being one of the only not-terrible characters at the end of the first game. They let all of the dumbest characters survive until the end, and also Kyoko (and yes, as much as I love Hina, she's a dummy)
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User Info: colliding

1 month ago#48
the mind boggles. valid complaints sure but looking at the characters still on the table I just don't get it
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User Info: MrSmartGuy

1 month ago#49
Yeah, I'm definitely not as big a fan of Kyoko as most people are. She gets really petty and uptight for no reason a lot.

#31 out of the first two games is still very low to me, though.
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User Info: Anagaram

1 month ago#50
This is an alt.
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