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User Info: Sorozone

1 month ago#81
In most cases I found myself using healers against bosses, but that was because I was mostly under leveled. Final boss I was painfully under leveled and like with what foolmo said earlier it was more of a battle of attrition that I had to figure out, because my last save...yeah I wasn't going back to my last save to grind for more levels.

Most common battles you don't need to heal.

User Info: CaptainOfCrush

1 month ago#82
Yeah, I think the only time I swapped Sharla in last year was when I was farming flying mobs.

She's not disliked as a character, but she's just the least fun in gameplay and the least useful for Chain Attacks. She might give you a better chance in tough battles through sheer attrition, but she'll also lengthen (what should be) quick battles with her pitiful DPS.

Contrast with Dunban, who helps end fights quickly and is a Chain Attack monster.

User Info: hombad46

1 month ago#83
As you get further in the game, Riki should be all the healing you need.
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Shulk's heal really is all you need but he's not the only non-Sharla aka non-dedicated healer character with heals so if you need more you can eventually have another mid-healer in the future
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User Info: Fiop

1 month ago#85
I think if you understand the game mechanics very well, Sharla is not needed as much, since you can find ways around her healing and she does the least damage. If you haven't figured everything out, though or are underlevelled, she helps a lot as her healing is the best. You can put me in the camp of not understanding the mechanics that well, as I used her a good bit and she helped a lot.
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User Info: andylt

1 month ago#86
Satorl Marsh is beautiful at night. The wispy ether flowing around (very FFX!), haunting music, and most importantly the enemies are all at such a high level that they don't bother fighting me on sight. Lovely place.
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User Info: CaptainOfCrush

1 month ago#87
Oh yeah, I wanted to recommend entering the Marsh at midday so you could see the day/night transition organically. It's definitely one of my favorite regions - glad you're enjoying it!

Also, you've probably reached a Nopon camp/merchant near the entrance. He sells intermediate level books for many of Dunban's arts - I recommend buying at least Peerless, Gale Slash, and Worldly Slash.

User Info: lihlih

1 month ago#88
Is Xenoblade the same thing as Xenoblade Chronicles?
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Team Rocket Elite 1 month ago#89
My bracket looked like random picks compared to his.
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User Info: masterplum

1 month ago#90
Speaking of, I kind of hated that shulk was basically required in every party.

Not a top complaint, but there are at least 4 characters I would rather have in my party at all times that I felt I couldn’t
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