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User Info: Eddv

2 months ago#21
Kevin isnclearly the protag
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User Info: changmas

2 months ago#22
The Artist Formerly Known as Hannyabal

User Info: azuarc

2 months ago#23
Anagaram posted...
Well, I feel like Duran is the most main hero-y. Then again, I am also a firm proponent of "Terra is the main character," so take from that what you will.

You at least *start* with Terra, and there's a scene specifically where she has to accept being a hero.

I picked Riesz the first time I played. Therefore she is the main character. Considering the story tailors itself to adjust to whomever you pick first, altering the villains and everything, it's really not possible to lock it into one character.
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User Info: Anagaram

2 months ago#24
66. Kai
Series: Samurai Warriors
Nominator: mcflubbin (1/4 remaining)
Personal Familiarity: No
Attractiveness: 82 (19/145 tie)
Personality: 60 (55/145 tie)
Girlfriendness: 37 (117/145 tie)
Overall Waifu Score: 59.6
Hair: Brown (4/19 remaining)
Eyes: Brown (12/28 remaining)
Race: Asian (32/58 remaining)
Age: 20-29 (28/56 remaining)
Medium: Video Game (49/95 remaining)

I have played one game in this genre, which is the original Hyrule Warriors, and I was like “I’m glad I played that, but I never want to touch a musou ever again.” But literally as I write these words, I’m downloading Persona 5 Strikers, so I guess I’m a giant hypocrite and a liar. Oh well!

I like how Kai is described as a tomboy despite dressing like any random anime feudal Japan warrior girl. “Has trouble finding a boyfriend because she’s not feminine enough,” give me a break. This is like every Hollywood movie ever with an “ugly” girl. This girl would be beating away men by the dozens.

Kai is not the only “super high attractiveness, middling other stats” waifus yet to be revealed. She’s not technically an adventurer, but being a soldier and a bodyguard for a lord who’s constantly fighting people in feudal Japan is basically as bad. Don’t get me wrong: she’s energetic, pleasant, heroic, and she’s got some fun dialogue, but it’s nothing amazing as far as Personality goes.

I also can’t help but notice how her battle quotes always emphasize her femininity? Almost every single one mentions how it’s rude to hit girls or something. Although, I do like this quote:
“It seems the age of cute girls has arrived!”
Kai, have you seen anime?
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User Info: Raka_Putra

2 months ago#25
Huh she's said to be too tomboyish yet her quotes are about her femininity? That's weird.
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User Info: Anagaram

2 months ago#26
Oh derp I forgot to add a next up and I'm distracted by P5S.

Next Up: The only waifu left whose age I listed as "unknown"
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User Info: Anagaram

2 months ago#27
65. Mothra
Series: Godzilla
Nominator: Raetsel_Lapin (1/4 remaining)
Personal Familiarity: Yes
Attractiveness: 38 (136/145 tie)
Personality: 66 (40/145 tie)
Girlfriendness: 76 (28/145 tie)
Overall Waifu Score: 60
Hair: None (1/3 remaining)
Eyes: Blue (17/43 remaining)
Race: Animal (0/2 remaining)
Age: Unclear (0/5 remaining)
Medium: Film (1/3 remaining)

A lot of people are going to be sad to see Mothra drop… or at least the jerks I hang out on Discord with. Mothra being this high at all is purely an artifact of the triple waifu category system, because if I’d just directly assigned scores, she’d have been in the bottom twenty on the grounds of being a giant moth. As an aside, Mothra dropping lowers our live-action waifu count to just two.

But I’ll say this: a normal giant moth would still not have gotten this high. Moths are cool, but they’re also kind of gross up-close. Mothra is a great example of a moth because she’s not gross up-close (or not up-close, but still being big enough to see all of her details from a mile away). I would say that Mothra is the second least gross moth in fiction, after Venomoth. By human standards, she’s still not especially attractive, but she’s definitely very cool. If a human waifu was wearing a shirt with her wings’ coloration, I would be completely on-board with that.

Personality-wise, what, you think being a giant moth is a problem? First off, Mothra isn’t attracted to bright lights that cause her to fry herself to death, which is an attribute I expect in any quality waifu. Second, she isn’t destructive and doesn’t cause collateral damage except when protecting Earth from larger threats, and even then she’s still the most considerate kaiju around. The only thing that actually upsets her is threatening her eggs, which is completely reasonable.

And as far as her Girlfriendness goes, you know what? I bet you thought I was going to complain that she can’t speak, right? Nope. Because she has two twin Japanese girls following her around who can psychically speak for her, and they live on the island that Mothra owns. This is borderline princess territory right here, folks. Sure, it sucks that I can’t fit Mothra into a car and go driving with her, and it sucks that I’ll have to take an airplane and just meet her at our destination, and it sucks that she’ll have to go and help Godzilla fight some giant monster every two-to-three years, but dating Mothra would come with an almost immeasurable number of perks.

Overall? Mothra is among the most solid of waifus, if you are sexually attracted to giant moths.

Next Up: A joke nomination waifu
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User Info: Brayze_II

2 months ago#28
I'm am hungry I want some lasaga

User Info: Accel_R8

2 months ago#29

User Info: azuarc

2 months ago#30
Anagaram posted...
Overall? Mothra is among the most solid of waifus, if you are sexually attracted to giant moths.

I mean, I've heard of furries, and even scalies, but...uh...well, hey, you do your thing, man.
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