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User Info: sergiocornaga

1 month ago#171
I now feel obligated to mention that there is a Shnabubula piano cover of Shrek 5: https://shnabubula.bandcamp.com/track/easyfun-shrek-5

User Info: KelpTheGreat

1 month ago#172
I'd love to listen to 3 hours of Chrono Trigger remixes, but I don't like having them all in one, 3-hour video. I'd much rather listen to the individual tracks. But I see how people could prefer it that way.

Raetsel_Lapin posted...
And the only VGM remix albums I’ve ever heard are the two nominated this topic. Like I said during sign-ups, it’s not a category I listen to much & I don’t listen to many albums in general. This topic alone probably gave me more non-soundtrack albums than I’ve listened to in my entire life.
Well, if you're interested, OverClocked ReMix has over 100 albums available, most of them remixing the entirety or highlights of a single game's soundtrack, and others remixing songs from various games for whatever reason:

Chrono Trigger has had two different albums for it, one a jazz album, and the other a symphonic orchestra album:

My personal favorite OCR album is Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin:
But there are other albums I really like, too.

One of my highlights from FFVI:BaR is The Impresario, by Jake "virt" Kaufman, which remixes much of the music from the game's opera scene. It uses some of the lyrics from the game, but also adds new ones, and thematically the lyrics remind me of West Side Story. However, the style of the song is extremely reminiscent of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. It's a wild trip to listen to.
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oh I wasn't expecting you to get to some of Low Teens already! I thought you would enjoy the message of Cult, ah well. Since you cited Awful Lot for some of the lyrics, I'll add that I enjoy his delivery for "Acknowledge me you motherf***ers" too
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I really messed up this contest, but azuarc gave it a Breath of fresh air

User Info: Raetsel_Lapin

1 month ago#174
I think I’ll get a bit more of Low Teens in. Nine songs left, don’t know if I want to go through all nine... but let’s play a bit more at least.

It Remembers: Hey, one of the two songs with clean lyrics that I was told would be on this album. Also a decent guest vocalist and lyrics that are exactly what I’m looking for.

I still howl like an animal in the darkness
And I’m reminded by the blood on my clothes
I can’t stand what I’ve become

Ah, blunt sadness and howling. I knew there was going to be something I needed on this album. Unfortunately, there’s basically no chance anything else on the album is going to compare favorably to this and the next track is one Bane particularly wants me to listen to... so I’ll save the rest of this album for a little later, it’d probably be judged too harshly if it had to immediately follow that song, so let’s find something different.

Shnabubula - Shrek 5: Might as well start here. Piano cover of a weird song is certainly different than anything Buckley’s doing and I don’t have to worry about losing track of where this song is, if I listen to it now. I prefer the original version of Shrek 5, but this isn’t bad. Low 50s type of song.

And let’s bounce over to those three Chrono remixes I left from #164. I do believe I was at a vocal cover of something.

Star Salzman - Forever Until Tomorrow: I can’t quite decide how I feel about this. I prefer the instrumental sections of the song, but I wouldn’t say I dislike his singing... probably one of those songs that I need to listen to a few times to really get a hold on.

Joren de Bruin & Tweex: One of those songs that feels the need to be EPIC purely for the sake of epicness and loses any beauty the original track had. Probably a high 40 point song; dislike is a bit too strong of a word for how I feel about it, but it’s...not quite something I’d go back to.

(Oh, the song has over a minute left to go. How long these four minutes feel...

...wow, it’s...really trying to out EPIC the earlier EPICNESS...Is it too late to lower the score down to low 30s?)

Sole Signal - Aqueous Transgression: Ooh, Ocean Palace is my favorite song on the soundtrack and one of my favorite VGMs ever. And this is...well, not on the level of the original, but different enough to be interesting and worth listening to. Quite appreciate this one, even if it’s not my favorite. (There’s a very brief moment at around 3:45, where it plays the original and gets static-y for...like...two seconds. That part was fantastic.)

Okay, I think that gives a fair amount of distance from Every Time I Die’s earlier song, so let’s jump back to Low Teens:

Every Time I Die - Petal: 90-something points, but I’d rather not comment on it.

Well, two great songs today, so that’s a good day in my books. More tomorrow.
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I figured It Remembers would be the one that would appeal to you more of the clean vocal songs

And I'm glad you would have Petal so highly! As hard as it is it to listen to, lyrically. But that's totally my s***, I love bleak depressing stuff like that. There's one more song from the album I'm extra curious to see your thoughts on, I won't spoil it yet to set expectations or anything though.
You were the cancer, that's all you'll ever be
I really messed up this contest, but azuarc gave it a Breath of fresh air

User Info: KelpTheGreat

1 month ago#176
Raetsel_Lapin posted...
Joren de Bruin & Tweex: One of those songs that feels the need to be EPIC purely for the sake of epicness and loses any beauty the original track had.
...wow, it’s...really trying to out EPIC the earlier EPICNESS...Is it too late to lower the score down to low 30s?)
Lol, I'll have to keep in mind that you dislike epic music if I recommend anything else in the future. XD
Formerly The_Mighty_KELP. Finally got around to having my name changed!
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User Info: Raetsel_Lapin

1 month ago#177
Listened to the Tokyo Philharmonic version of the Trigger/Cross Medley. Not really enough different from the other one to say much about, but I did listen to it in its entirety. Going to finish up the Dux Content songs.

Dux Content - Heart of Death: I really like this one (at least 80 points), though I don’t really know why... one of those songs where I listened to it in full a second time to try to find comments and still didn’t come up with anything, but I do really like whatever it’s doing.

Dux Content - Hero Next Door: Not a fan (too hopeful and high-pitched), but I didn’t mind listening to it. Probably scores somewhere in the 50s.

Dux Content - City Break: It wasn’t too bad, until the loud banging shortly before the two minute mark... kinda glad I saved this one for last... too unique for me to actively hate it (I kinda like everything from after the banging stops to the end of the song), but... “ow”. My official score is Ow out of 100 and I don’t know what that translates into in numbers, but less than 50 at any rate.

[I took a break after that song; figured there wasn’t much point posting such a short update when I was going to listen to a few other songs later tonight anyway.]

Let’s try someone else’s suggestions for a bit... got a pair of Savatage songs, those should be different than what I’ve been listening to lately.

Savatage - When the Crowds Are Gone: I dunno. It’s definitely a genre I usually like and it hits the right notes of sadness (“I wasted my time till time wasted me” is a pretty great line) and the slow, somber outro is definitely nice.. I’m just not fully connecting with it for some reason. Definitely not a bad song though, wouldn’t mind listening to it again on a different day.

Savatage - The Hourglass: Took me forever to find this song on Spotify. Searching for The Hourglass under songs didn’t get me anything and I think I wound up scrolling through the track listing of every album of theirs before I got to the one that actually had this song. That’s not relevant to anything, but it does pad out this writeup.

*pulls up the lyrics and sees how long the page is* Well, this must be a long song. *checks* 8:09. Not too bad; I was expecting around 15 minutes. Alright, onto the actual song.

[*some very confused Googling after the song seems to end with half the lyrics unsung later...*]

Ah, right, booklet notes. I’m aware of those (The Protomen albums rely heavily on narration that’s not actually in the songs themselves to tell the story); kinda odd that every lyric source I find includes paragraphs of extra text that’s not actually in the song, but I suppose that’s convenient for me.

Good song, will listen to again later. (I know you want more relevant text than that, but initial reactions rarely have relevant text.)

Savatage - Power of the Night: Not one of the songs I’m supposed to listen to, but I feel obligated to click something with a title like that. Unfortunately, it’s not great; the opening instrumental has those really low tones that I love, but they’re fairly short-lived...and once we get to the actual song, it’s just rather generic. Not bad, I don’t mind generic rock, but... well it’s obvious why this was not one of the nominated songs.

What else do we have... UF8 posted a song back on post #40, so why not? Let’s see what Sad Bear is singing this time? Are they still sad?

*grabs lyrics and runs them through Google Translate*

I hate myself, I hate myself the most

Yes, sad bear is sad.

Manju - Everyone (Live Version) [aka.”That song in post #40”]: ...Well, she’s a good voice actress, but I wasn’t prepared for her to be so...loud. That breakdown was louder than Buckley. @.@

Time for one short song, so let’s go with one of the many Piano Opera Music Box tracks:

Piano Opera - Theme of Love (Music Box Version): It’s not bad... I think I like it a little more than the other version of “Theme of Love” on the album (the one that was actually ranked, somewhere), though it’s still not quite as good as the in game versions.
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User Info: Raetsel_Lapin

1 month ago#178
Not as much time tonight, but let’s see if we can finish Low Teens so that we can remove one full album from the list.

The Coin Has A Say: *forgets to turn volume down before playing song* Okay, I really should remember which band this is by now...

One of the more intense songs from the band, so it’s not exactly my favorite... still some good lyrics here though.

I will aimlessly wander this wasteland
Guided only by a sickness, not a purpose

That’s the right level of sadness for me. And while I wouldn’t say “f*** these people, f*** this place” is one of his better lines, it could be nice when I’m in an angrier mood.

Religion of Speed: “The longest song [the band has] ever done”. Alright; only a little over five minutes, so it’s not long though I suppose most of their songs do tend to be on the short side.

This isn’t bad. I’m not finding any lyrics I’m especially drawn to, but there’s no points that I dislike either. Likely an upper-mid tier song for the band. (Also, it’s tamer than most of their songs, so I’m going to guess this is the only clean song on the album)

Just as Real but Not as Brightly Lit: This mixture of anger, darkness, and sorrow pleases me. Bit too intense to listen to on a regular basis, but it’d be very welcome on some angrier playlists. 70-ish points.

1977: I think this is the weakest song on the album (thus far at least). No lyrics that really appeal to me (there’s a reference to the Devil which... I guess is something, but it’s fairly minor) and it doesn’t do anything really different musically to stand out. It’s certainly not bad—I don’t mind listening to it.

Map Change: “The inescapable reality of existential depression”.. Well, this song has potential.

Ehh... 60 points, maybe? I think I like this.

Skin Without Bones: Another in the “the intensity makes it a bit hard to stay awake” pile—though there is a brief part where the shouting is faint, distant, and echo-y. That was unique enough to wake me up.

Nothing Visible ; Ocean Empty: It’s fine, not any real response to it.

Not a bad album. Had more songs that I liked than I was expecting it to, so it was well worth listening to, thank you.

Moving on... I think I’ll try some Gunship. They weren’t nominated by anyone, but since I listened to rwlh’s nomination of a deconstructed Eleanor Rigby, YouTube felt I should listen to their synth version of Eleanor Rigby and I said to myself, “I want more synth in my life, remind me to try one or two of their most popular songs later”.

So... let’s try that, I guess.

Gunship - Tech Noir: The intro got my hopes way up with that spoken word intro (by celebrity guest John Carpenter, no less!), but the main singer doesn’t really appeal to me and I ultimately do not like this. Good idea, great intro, but... no.

Gunship (featuring Indiana & Tim Cappello) - Dark All Day: Good title, amazing intro, and a guest saxophonist. This song is trying quite hard to push as many of my buttons as possible.

But, I’m still not really into the lead singer of Gunship... I love every part of the song except the verses, which makes it hard to really score. Not that I’ve been giving scores to many songs anyway. Well, let’s say I mostly like it; doubt I’ll get much out of other Gunship songs though—if I don’t want to hear the singer, then I don’t want to hear the singer.

(There may be some value in asking Spotify for similar songs though. This synthwave thing feels like a genre I need a bit more of.)

While I’m going through things i added to the list myself that no one wanted me to hear, i might as well hit the last of Throwing Copper’s bonus songs.

Live - We Deal In Dreams: Definitely not their best work. But then, I didn’t like most of their songs on the first listen, so I suppose it might improve if I kept listening to it.

Something different... Spotify thinks Stone the Crow is Down’s most popular song and I’m supposed to listen to that eventually, so let’s hit that one before bed:

Down - Stone the Crow: “No one can share this hurt that is mine, mine, mine” is certainly blunt alright. Not a bad song, though I think I actually preferred New Orleans Is a Dying Whore.
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User Info: Raetsel_Lapin

1 month ago#179
Supposed to say “other” clean song on Religion of Speed there, not “only”.

Editing a post that long on the phone is harder than just making a new post.
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Just so you know, Map Change is technically the closer of the album and the other two songs after are bonus tracks. Which is also the other song I said I was curious about hearing what you thought about it, I think it's one of the best songs of their discography. Just really has such a great build up to it I think, really dig the structure. Just As Real But Not As Brightly Lit has some of my favorite guitar riffing on it, especially the "they'll kill us if they have the chance" section. Religion of Speed has a really fun chorus and final breakdown section too.
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I really messed up this contest, but azuarc gave it a Breath of fresh air
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