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I noticed the old topic purged and figured I'd start a new one if anyone is interested.

So with Vega, the Watcher, Saw it Coming, etc and the U/W pathway coming in Kaldheim I can see the return of U/W control as a real possibility. Thankfully WotC seems to have learned from recent sets and made the card draw engine (Vega) a legendary card.

On a non-Kaldheim note I was playing Omniscience draft and got a pack 1 pick 1 Peer into the Abyss. What a ridiculous card in the format. My first game I had it in my opening hand and ended up with more than 20 power on board and I stripped my opponent's hand with a Bad Deal and a Mind Rot. With a Cancel in hand I literally won the game before my opponent even got a turn.
Congrats Azuarc