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User Info: changmas

1 month ago#31
The Artist Formerly Known as Hannyabal

User Info: Jesse_Custer

1 month ago#32
Anagram posted...
Hair: Gray

Mother Brain has hair?

User Info: Anagram

1 month ago#33
Jesse_Custer posted...
Mother Brain has hair?
I may have been looking at that gray thing behind the brain and spine when I wrote that.
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Started: July 6, 2005

User Info: MrSmartGuy

1 month ago#34
....... you mean the cerebellum?
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User Info: Brayze_II

1 month ago#35
What creature was mother brain the brain of? Deep thoughts.
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User Info: Anagram

1 month ago#36
MrSmartGuy posted...
....... you mean the cerebellum?

Look, I made those categories super fast while plowing through pictures, they may not be 100% accurate.
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Started: July 6, 2005
(message deleted)

User Info: azuarc

1 month ago#38
It's what passes for hair in this case.
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User Info: Anagram

1 month ago#39
143. Elaine Parks
Series: The Love Witch
Nominator: Snake5555555555 (3/4 remaining)
Personal Familiarity: Yes
Attractiveness: 59 (91/145 tie)
Personality: 24 (143/145)
Girlfriendness: 11 (144/145)
Overall Waifu Score: 31.3
Hair: Brown (21/22 remaining)
Eyes: Brown (26/27 remaining)
Race: White (60/61 remaining)
Age: 20-29 (57/58 remaining)
Medium: Film (2/3 remaining)

Elaine Parks (I keep wanting to write “Benes”) has the dubious honor of being both our first human and our first live-action waifu to drop. She also has the less dubious honor of being one of the few waifus I went and watched an entire movie for for this list – for others, I watched an episode or looked up some clips, but I actually watched this movie.

I guess this is subjective, but it’s my list, so I’m going to say it: any girl whose primary method of making money involves murdering her husbands is not the ideal waifu. Add to that how her main method of finding new boyfriends involves cursing them with magic and drugging them, and how she deals with rejection by stabbing you to death and just imagining she’s having a wedding, and I am sad to say that she’s low-tier in both personality and girlfriendness. As a character, she has sympathetic qualities, and as a film, I get what the movie is trying to say, but I guess one of the things I’m looking for in a waifu specifically is an unstated agreement not to murder me with a ceremonial Satanic blade, and Elaine just doesn’t meet that minimum requirement.

Also, and again this is subjective, I think the character is less attractive than the normal actress? Elaine is always wearing this heavy blue eyeliner, but the normal actress looks better without it. Tell me I’m wrong.
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Started: July 6, 2005
What does it say about me that I wouldn't even care? XD

I think both the character and actress look great! I love Elaine's outfits and I think she can be pretty adorable outside of the whole drugging & murdering thing.

I'm just happy you watched the movie too, did you like it overall?
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