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User Info: TheArkOfTurus

4 weeks ago#191
49. Choose a random page on TVTropes and beat something from the video game section



...So I guess I'll just play Spelunky like every year."


Our eyes were removed
For our own safety

User Info: Shonen_Bat

4 weeks ago#192
Started up Dead Cells, it's not as hard as people made it sound but is as fun as people made it sound. First run died on the guy guarding a king.

Freeze is pretty powerful, turns out.
Hello again.

User Info: BarbaricAvatar

4 weeks ago#193
32. Beat a game with a non-white lead
Alien Breed: Assault

It's open to interpretation but the MC's skin is considerably darker in-game than the publicity shots. It's never mentioned what his origin is so he could probably be whatever one wants. Except maybe female.

I also seem to have forgotten to update my score at some point, because i've definitely done 21 (now), not the 19 i'd previously noted.
Habitual Judge

User Info: HBJDubs

4 weeks ago#194
14. Beat a JRPG

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. I hated the original when it came out, and this was my first time going back to FF12. The story is still the major weak spot; after replaying several other games in the series recently it seemed to me that there were far fewer cutscenes compared to all the others. I still don't like the art design although the FMVs do look great. The soundtrack remains one of the weakest in the series (nothing is offensive, but nothing is really memorable either). However, the gameplay is where this really shines. I remembered liking the gambit system even back in the day, and I still do now. In fact, I liked the gameplay so much that I got the platinum for this game, which I can't say for any other Final Fantasy (mainly cause the others had at least one stupid trophy/achievement, or in FF9's case half of them are dumb).

Save in the name of true love
~Project 1000~

User Info: HBJDubs

3 weeks ago#195
moved Katana Zero to action game

4. Beat a game released between 2011-2020

Fractured Minds. Leaving Game Pass at the end of the month, but it's only 15 minutes long.

Save in the name of true love
~Project 1000~

User Info: cakophon

3 weeks ago#196
20. Beat an action game

relatively short, but engaging gameplay. the last stage where obstacles before they reach you is awful, though
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: WickIebee

3 weeks ago#197
38. Finish a game in one day

Star Fox 64

Just remembered to come back and do this one, not many games I beat in a single day but this one is always short enough.
I'll just go back to gifs. Not like the winner was gonna click my topic.

User Info: Shonen_Bat

3 weeks ago#198
12. Beat a game made by a developer you've never tried

Dead Cells

i figure there's a lot more to this I still don't know who that king is, or why he's the only one who doesn't come back after death but I saw the credits so that's good enough for this.
Hello again.

User Info: andylt

3 weeks ago#199
42. Beat another user's favorite game
Crosscode- great stuff.

19. Beat a platformer
New Super Lucky's Tale- exactly what I was after, a light fun platformer hearkening back to the PS1 era. Lots of the dialogue was pretty good but Lucky himself annoyed me.

24. Beat a game with romance as a central theme
Genesis Noir- could half-fit this into a bunch of categoriers but it feels most natural here. I don't really want to say anything about this game, I went into it knowing nothing and I think that's the best way to experience it.
Slowly becoming a Final Fantasy aficionado.
Next up: Final Fantasy IX

User Info: Shonen_Bat

3 weeks ago#200
5. Beat a game released in 2021


Twin-stick shooter boss rush game that released earlier this month. Some of the bosses do a really bad job of telegraphing their attacks, and the final boss doesn't bother to. But it was still fun.
Hello again.
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