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User Info: ViolentAbacus

4 weeks ago#211
Forgot to post about Ghost of Tsushima

Loved the story and the progression in this one. The map was way too huge for me though!

Star Fox 64 3D
Beat as part of the GotM thing. Wasn't sure about it at first, but I ended up really liking it. It's short, but has a ton of replayability.

User Info: metaIslug

4 weeks ago#212
Little Nightmares (PS4)

It was cool. Just one twist after the other. It looks phenomenal. I feel like I need to start buying Unreal 4 games just because they're Unreal 4. Anyway, not much to say. It's short but pretty great

User Info: SpoinkRulezz

4 weeks ago#213
Octopath Traveler (Switch)

Finally finished this one. Or at least, I consider it finished. Technically, I haven't beaten Galdera or the boss rush before it, but I know what it's about and I have reached the dungeon at least. That part of the story doesn't seem overly exciting anyway, and it's just way too tedious to do it without being able to save anywhere in between. So I'm calling it quits on this game. It was mostly a great game with some charming stories and a very enjoyable battle system. Very chill game to play, for some reason. That being said, I did think it was inconsistent in how interesting it stayed here and there, not helped by the fact that it's on the long side as well. The part after all 8 characters' fourth chapters is not done well imo. Overall, charming is the word I'd use to describe this game, and I'm happy I've experienced it, but I don't think it's a must-play. The music and art style are phenomenal though.
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User Info: Simoun

4 weeks ago#214
Greedfall (PC)

Ugh, from one B-List game to another. Well on the plus side, this was a vacation compared to Nioh. On the other, it was like a clunky Bioware RPG clone. I actually want to go back to Mass Effect (which I dropped because it bore me) because of this game which is a damn shame.

Amazing universe and setting. Intriguing politics. But mediocre everything else. Mainly, it is the insane amounts of backtracking in this game and for what: Talking to people. Useless padding like you wouldn't believe. I had to employ a speedhack just to survive but it got real boring even after I was running around like The Flash.

At least most generic RPGs had you get 20 bear butts or fight some bandits or *something* to accompany to unique parts of the game (looking at you Witcher 1). But in Greedfall, the sidequests consist of running around talking to people who can't be bothered to talk to each other themselves. And they're not even exciting! One mission had me dealing with land rights. This is how the quest flowed:

  • Talk to people in the land
  • Run back to the city, ask the Advisor (4 flights of stairs btw) for advice.
  • Run down to the archives to get the deed (its in the basement, so thats 5 flights down)
  • Run back out and talk to the previous governor to decipher the deed (1 flight up and around the block outside)
  • Run back to the Advisor (4 flights again) to come to a legal decision.
  • Run back to the land and talk to the people.

And then the game has you do it AGAIN. All of that above, AGAIN. For another dispute concerning the land. It's ridiculous. Were I not a completionist who wanted those sweet EXPs I wouldn't have bothered. Nioh was tedious for being overwrought. This piece of s*** was tedious for being the exact opposite. Its droll, lifeless, mundane in its execution. It feels like an awesome looking MMO but after you walk around you realize that everyone is just a static NPC and the quests don't have you doing anything epic.

It's not so cliche anymore when it's happening to you.

User Info: paperwarior

4 weeks ago#215
Dragon Audit (PC)
The production values are through the floor (Playing it on a brand new desktop before anything else is outright silly) and the aesthetic and tone can only be called weeb teenager. But damn if it isn't cute and endearing. I hope they make that sequel.
"God Hand is the ultimate expression of the joy of humanity, specifically the punching part of the joy of humanity."-Shigeru Miyamoto

User Info: Kenri

3 weeks ago#216
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury (Switch)

Both of these are pretty good. 3D World's actual platforming mechanics feel kind of loose, and my solution to that was to play as Peach most of the time because her float lets you jump so much more precisely, but she's so broken that it's not really a good solution. I unlocked the really, truly final world but haven't beaten it yet, and I'm almost definitely not going to beat every level with every character, so 100% is probably out.

Bowser's Fury I think I liked more even though it's much shorter. Fewer bottomless pits and a bigger reserve of power-ups compared to the main game make the platforming feel a lot tighter even though it actually isn't. I might try to 100% this one. Also the aesthetics are a lot better here! I long to live in a world where everything is cats.
Congrats to BKSheikah, who knows more about years than anyone else.

User Info: plasmabeam

3 weeks ago#217
Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition (PS4)

Loved it. Like most RE games, it starts out incredible and fades down the stretch, but the first-person perspective. the fresh boss fights, and shockingly good storyline made this stand out for me.

End of Zoe DLC was also pretty awesome.
~Jacksonville Jaguars~
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: paperwarior

3 weeks ago#218
Astro's Playroom (PS5)
And all trophies. What a fun tech demo. It's very cute and really shows off the controller. But it's a tech demo, about 16 levels long, which you can run through in a minute or two each if not searching for collectables. It's also the most Nintendo thing not made by Nintendo in recent memory.
"God Hand is the ultimate expression of the joy of humanity, specifically the punching part of the joy of humanity."-Shigeru Miyamoto

User Info: SpoinkRulezz

3 weeks ago#219
Mega Man ZX (Switch)

I had already played and beaten this on DS before, but now also as part of the Zero/ZX collection. It definitely brought back memories as it was the first Mega Man game I bought for myself (before that I used to play my brother's Mega Man 4 on NES over and over, but that was the only one he had), and it's fun. I was, however, less tolerant of its sort of Metroidvania-like structure this time around. I like that genre a lot, but in a Mega Man game it felt a bit like a pace killer. Also, getting level 4 victories over some of the Pseudodroids was rather unforgiving as it's almost impossible to not hit the biometal and two of the subtanks were locked behind stupid design (one by doing the same uninteresting subquests multiple times in repeated trips through the rather slow Area L, and the one in Area K that you'd probably never really figure out without looking it up as it's behind a series of actions at certain moments in the level in a room with a constant death trap).

So in hindsight, not my favorite of this collection, but I still love the nostalgia I feel for it. Now only ZX Advent awaits (one I've never played outside of the first level or something), but I'm not sure how much I'm going to like that one.
Currently playing - Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection (Switch), Super Mario 3D World (Switch)
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User Info: SpoinkRulezz

3 weeks ago#220
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury (Switch)

Now I've beaten every single 3D Mario game! I didn't do 3D World's post game worlds yet (I did get every green star, stamp and golden flag pole in the main worlds), and I beat BF but have 70/100 Cat Shines (I did play on and get more Shines after the "story" though, when I had 50). However, I consider both to be mostly content to play when I feel like it and classify it as "beaten" to move on to different games.

Overall, tons of fun and charm again. 3D World was great, but not my favorite 3D Mario game. I thought it would be more creative than I felt it really was, because I felt like most ideas were already in Galaxy and 3D Land. Sometimes the way you move around in the game + the camera made it easy to make annoying jumping mistakes (I agree with complaints about depth perception here) and it felt a little uncomfortable at times compared to some of the other games. Still, super colorful, fun to play, solid controls most of the time and plenty of good levels.

Bowser's Fury was quite nice, I have to say. I tought it would be an afterthought, and in the end it is very short and simple, but this could be worked out into something amazing. Very addictive, and this does feel like what an open world Mario game would be like; basically one big Mario playground. All kinds of Mario's staple elements combined in one big area to play in. In BF I still found a lot of it to feel too segmented to really feel open world, but it's a great concept. It was really fun and I beat it in one sitting (and got 20 more shines afterwards).
Currently playing - Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection (Switch), Super Mario 3D World (Switch)
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