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Shantae and the Seven Sirens (Switch)
Congrats to azuarc, GotD2 Guru champ!

User Info: Kenri

1 month ago#182
Hollow Knight (PS4)

This was a replay, I've already beaten the game (and done nearly everything in it) on Switch. I think I prefer that version just because the PS5 controller's d-pad isn't great. Nice to pick up some trophies here though, I guess.

Despite a few flaws, Hollow Knight remains one of my favorite games.
Congrats to BKSheikah, who knows more about years than anyone else.

User Info: Arti

1 month ago#183
Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythmic Adventure 1 (Switch)

The first half of the Rhythmic Adventure Pack, this has the two drums traveling through different time periods to collect the pieces of a clock that is able to change the past and future. This isn't actually the first Taiko RPG I've played - the Vita version also had one, though it wasn't as expansive at this one - the Vita version was just menus and had reused art from Tales games for equipment. This game has its own unique equipment for Don-chan and exploration through the different time periods. It's weird only playing a part of many songs since the battles will almost never last the full length of a song, but you get used to it after a while. I'll be trying to get more of the stamps in the regular Taiko mode before moving on to Rhythmic Adventure 2.
azuarc may not know the strength of songs in VGMC, but he conquered the guru in Game of the Decade 2! Congrats!

User Info: RyoCaliente

1 month ago#184
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (PS3)

I didn't have a great time with this. I felt the game was very overwhelming at first; it throws a lot of moves and mechanics at you and it was only over halfway through the game that I really started to get a hang of combos and using magic. Even then, I often felt that shadow magic and a lot of the items and skills were just more trouble than they're worth and as much as I tried to vary it up, I really stuck with a set number of moves. This definitely got me in trouble a couple of times because variation is what makes enemies spew magic orbs, so I didn't get enough of those and I was also terrible at blocking, a skill I really only started to use near the end of the game.

Storywise the game didn't really do anything too much; they kept building Gabriel as this big bad, but I felt like all his evil was basically contained to the end of chapter II or III and none of the other things he did were really all that bad. The game also didn't have a whole lot of cutscenes, only to give me a half-hour one before the final boss, and it was a total "hey here's the plot" which felt kinda jarring.

ALSO on the level of gameplay, I think I just don't really like these types of games? Apparently it's very similar to God of War which I've never played, but the locked camera felt kinda uncomfortable at times and a lot of the QTEs felt unnecessary and very...random? Like I was always super tense in combat because whenever they'd pop up I'd be caught by surprise, also because sometimes it was generous timing, brutal timing, or button-mashing. There were also a lot of game mechanics that felt like padding, like all the chupacabra moments and some of the Titan fights.

A positive I'll definitely give this game is on a visual level. I was kinda surprised by the fact it was a 2010 game and not just the visuals but the overall design I really loved. I was very happily surprised by the wide variety of locales, from dreary villages to tropical temple ruins to snowy mountains,...there was a bit of everything.

This post is very negative; I don't think it's a bad game in and of itself, I just think maybe it's not really for me.

Also lol at the post-credits ending.
How paralyzingly dull, boring and tedious!

User Info: cakophon

1 month ago#185
Butterfly Soup
way too short :( maybe my favorite short indie vn now though

User Info: Kenri

1 month ago#186
Touhou Luna Nights (Switch)

I started out really loving this game, but it ended up just being okay. It's pretty short and not much of a Metroidvania (though it's all technically one interconnected world, it's broken up into fairly linear stages). I think the obvious comparison is Timespinner, another Metroidvania with time stopping powers. At its best (which is mostly the boss fights), Luna Nights is better -- it uses the time stopping gimmick more often and to better effect. On the whole I think Timespinner is a better game, though.
Congrats to BKSheikah, who knows more about years than anyone else.

User Info: GOGZero

1 month ago#187
Double Dragon (PC/Arcade)
Double Dragon II: The Revenge (PC/Arcade)
Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone (PC/Arcade)

I played all three of these on PC via the Double Dragon Trilogy collection..
Playing all three of these games in 60 FPS slightly gave these games a breath of fresh air. OG Double Dragon's speed is pretty slow in this day and age.

Double Dragon III port doesn't seem right. When you enter the shops, you can't make multiple purchases. There's no way to "insert more coins" to even make purchases. You can only purchase one of each of moves/power ups/weapons etc.

Another odd bug I encountered was when I played this online with a friend. After we beat Willy, we get to fight each other to see who gets the girl (Marian). For whatever reason, we had infinite health and couldn't properly settle things so my friend instead just jumped into the pit of spikes instead to end it.

Overall, it's a so so collection and not bad to add into your beat em' up collection.

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User Info: metaIslug

1 month ago#188
The Witness (PS4)

I had already co-played this, but I had never played it myself, so unfortunately I kinda already knew what was up with the game. Even so, what a great game. So much packed into this pretty small 3d space.

I haven't done the final challenge, feels like I'll have to practice it a few times. But I got most other things (I'm at 600 in the save file). There was only one I had to look up. It was the color puzzle in the Town. The one in the RGB room that doesn't do anything. I'm not even colorblind, that was just my breaking point. Where all the colors you're seeing are wrong, but you gotta big-brain figure them out. Maybe if I had a better understanding of color gamuts

Also I feel bad they gave this out. It's too good to give out. I was waiting for a sale, like $20 sure, but I never saw any. Then they just give it out. I feel like I robbed Jonathan Blow

User Info: KCF0107

1 month ago#189
Given this was part of a Sony program, I'm sure Sony paid some amount to Thekla to have The Witness included. This isn't like last year when games like Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 and LEGO Ninjago were given away on all platforms.
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User Info: Simoun

1 month ago#190
Nioh: Complete Edition

Did not expect the game to be this long. I don't think I've ever played a more frustrating game that I just kept playing anyway. I was expecting something Dark Soulsy yeah, but there was so much theorycrafting that ultimately it had me mentally stressed as I had to keep track of so many little mechanics the game was tossing my way. I also didn't like the mission based structure of it and would have preferred a consistent persistent world like in DS.

Also, definitely don't play it for the garbage story. It would've been fine but I wish the game was more about yokai hunting rather than the historical reliving of the Sengoku era all over again. It was kind of like enjoying Jojo 1 and 2 then suddenly everyone has a Stand now and you start acquiring them like Megaman powerups. It is a Capcom game after all. Still, this game is pretty much a spiritual successor to not only the Onimusha series (which I just beat recently) but Genji as well.

I *might* go on and play the sequel but I think I'm gonna take a rest from here for awhile.
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